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Overview of the Insanity Workout

The fitness industry is abuzz with the news of Insanity Workout developed by Shaun T. This 60-day, whole body conditioning workout includes a number of cardio exercises that offer an intense workout without the use of any weights or equipment’s. All you need to master this workout program is your will power to get a ripping body. This workout regime stands out of the crowd of hyped workout routines put on DVD by virtue of the fact that it actually works, as you can see from the success stories posted on the official site.

Shaun T, a fitness expert and celebrity trainer, has put together this program drawing from his education as well as practical experience while working in the capacity of a personal trainer. To answer the question of who is Shaun T of Insanity Workout, he is a Sports Medicine undergraduate who has a minor in dance and theatre. He was inspired to design this program to offer an intense workout to former athletes and physically fit individuals who want to challenge themselves to get the best body that they could by exercising.

Shaun T based this program on traditional interval training and modified it to include maximum intensity exercises that are intercepted with short periods of rest. He used his collegiate track and field training experiences to put together ten highly intense exercises to burn of excess fat and get ripping muscles in 2 months’ time. The Insanity Workout routine alternates between aerobic and anaerobic exercises that challenge the stamina of a person.

In fact, this workout regime helps in burning as much as 1,000 calories in 60 minutes to offer the most incredible body that you can dream of getting. Since this routine offers whole body conditioning, you do not have to worry about your bulging tummy, heavy bottom or thighs, as the Insanity Workout tones up the entire body in 60 days flat. This program consists of ten insane workouts that will challenge you to push yourself beyond you comfort zone to get a perfect beach body.

Once you order your copy of Insanity Workout DVD by Shaun T, you will get four complimentary gifts along with it. These include a detailed nutrition plan that ensures that you follow the right diet to get necessary energy for this workout routine, a fitness guide, an Insanity Workout calendar, and online support tools that will help you stay motivated. So, if you want to get into top physical shape and have an athletic background, get this workout DVD today and look your best in just 60 days.

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