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Why Did Jay Cutler Wait This Long To Have Left Bicep Surgery?

When the 2011 Mr. Olympia contest was in the books, everyone was in agreement that Phil Heath deserved being named the new champion. Jay Cutler did come to Las Vegas in shape and it was more of what ‘The Gift’ brought to the stage than what Cutler didn’t. But afterwards, it came out that the former title holder finished the final three weeks of his contest prep with a torn left bicep.

Photos of Cutler from the Olympia clearly showed swelling and redness in the area and it was reportedly suffered during a photo shoot. The injury was still apparent a few weeks later at the inaugural Sheru Classic in India, at which Cutler again was the runner-up to Heath.


That was back in September. Cutler is scheduled to go under the knife in February and be back in the gym by the end of March. Considering that he has competed only once a year, that should be more than enough time for him to get ready for the 2012 O.

But with the torch already passed to Heath and Cutler being 39 by the time that show rolls around, it would have been a wiser decision to have the procedure done earlier. Muscle tears like this need to be surgically repaired and waiting is not going to change anything for the better.

If Cutler has any chance of regaining the title for the second time (he took it back from Dexter Jackson in 2009), then he is going to need as much time as possible to get there. Losing the last four months cannot be changed, so Cutler had better hope that his recovery goes well without any setbacks. He doesn’t have any wiggle room now and has to be on point at every stage of his preparation.

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