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Bodybuilders Need ENZYMES!

Why Professional Athletes are choosing AbsorbAid® Platinum!

By Janet Angel, PhD-Nutritional Biochemist

You might be surprised to discover that athletes are often nutritionally deficient or nutritionally imbalanced. Recent scientific studies are proving that even the most conditioned athletes; those that boast top nutritional status, high energy output may be overworking their organs and systems and creating greater free radical damage along with inadequate nutrient absorption.

It doesn’t matter what type of exhaustive athletic training a person participates in, what matters most is that protein pathways may be disturbed and therefore amino acid breakdown and transmission suffer…muscles suffer. When micro nutrients become unavailable metabolism is inadequate and therefore the body is stressed making the immune system less than vibrant.

As we age the human body does not manufacture as many enzymes and often by the time a person is in their thirties digestive upsets occur and later more dramatic insufficiencies and symptoms appear.  Amino acids are the building blocks to life yet even those athletes consuming huge amounts of protein in any form will be less likely to fully metabolize protein without the appropriate enzymes available to assist. You may not know that your body is lacking enzymes…most likely it is.

Once food is heated above 119 degrees all of the enzymes are destroyed; the average American diet contains mainly of cooked foods and processed foods which are enzyme exhausted. Other issues play a role as well; for example, a person may consume several different types of foods at one sitting making the call for multiple enzymes critical to absorption.  Only raw foods contain enzymes and only enough to break down that specific food. Human beings will always be dependent upon exogenous enzymes, those existing outside the human body. Professional athletes, including professional body builders around the world, understand the importance of adding a quality multi-dimensional enzyme formula to their health regime. Athletes around the globe are choosing AbsorbAid Platinum® to help get lean, stay lean, build muscle and be stronger longer!!

AbsorbAid® is a 100% vegetarian complex enzyme formula to help turn more of what you eat into energy! AbsorbAid® has been clinically tested and scientifically proven by Roche and Mayo Clinic laboratories to increase the absorption of vital nutrients by up to 71%!! AbsorbAid® Platinum helps the body safely and effectively digest and absorb proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vegetables, beans, and dairy and reduces them to valuable micro-nutrient form.

AbsorbAid® Platinum is so unique because it is not destroyed by stomach acids and therefore reaches the small intestine where nutrients are distributed into the blood.  Enzymes catalyze all metabolic processes and we cannot live without them! AbsorbAid® has been the leader in enzymes since 1995 and hundreds of thousands of people have used it with great success in improving digestion and ultimately their health. When your body gets the benefit of having more vital nutrients available for metabolism every system works better!

Many athletes put an unnatural demand upon the human body whether it be lifting hundreds of pounds, doing more repetitions, running a marathon, or getting lean using less than healthful methods.  AbsorbAid® Platinum is a comprehensive digestive blend of 12 proprietary enzymes and 2 heat stable probiotics to help support digestion and your immune system!

AbsorbAid® is highly recommended by physicians and trainers all over the world. AbsorbAid® will improve the absorption of nutrients from other supplements too – so  it is a wonderful complement to your entire health program.

Don’t miss out on what the competition is doing to get the edge. Even Olympic Teams are incorporating enzymes into their nutrient regime. Whether you are an Olympic Athlete, a professional sports player, or someone that just wants to perform and look like one—-you will want to add AbsorbAid® Platinum to your diet.

If you are suffering with aches and pains, muscle fatigue, recuperating from an illness or injury…your body needs more enzymes. PROTECT yourself and give your body what it needs to get the job done faster and more completely.  Order AbsorbAid® Platinum today!!! (800)827-7656 

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