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Giants ‘Refuse To Lose’ Attitude Made Super Bowl XLVI Win a Given

Confidence in your own ability goes a long way. Especially late in the fourth quarter when you’re on the short end of a close score. So when the New York Giants’ offense came onto the field down by two points and had 88 yards of real estate staring at them, panic was the furthest thing from anyone’s mind in the huddle and on the sideline during Super Bowl XLVI.

“We’ve seen Eli (Manning) do that a lot of times this season and in other season,” Giants general manager Jerry Reese said. “We felt good. We had a timeout. We had a lot of time on the clock. We needed a field goal to win the game – and we felt that we were at least going to get a field goal – and he (Manning) put us in the end zone.”

Osi Umenyiora took it a step further: “I knew that we were going to win from the beginning – honestly,” the defensive end said. “There wasn’t any doubt in my mind.”


When your team has already run off five consecutive victories when one loss would have ended the season, then you can look at it two ways: the hot streak will continue or you are overdue for a bad game. The Giants actually made it look easy by continuing the former rather than starting a new streak with the latter.

Manning has made a habit of picking the Giants up off the mat and willing them to a win when it appeared that all was lost. This game was certainly no different – other than perhaps it seemed a foregone conclusion that somehow he would move his team down the field and get the job done again.

Confidence goes a long way. A lot longer than 88 yards.

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