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Yaxeni Oriquen-Garcia, Nicole Wilkins & Adela Garcia Winners at Arnold Classic/International

Once Iris Kyle was forced to pull out of the 2012 Ms. International due to a left knee injury, one competitor immediately became the favorite to win. And Yaxeni-Oriquen Garcia delivered. The veteran bodybuilder came in to Columbus ripped and ready and won  for the fifth time here.

Debi Laszewski was also on point and finished as the first runner-up, with a stunning-looking Alina Popa taking third. The rest of the placings were as follows:

4 – Cathy LeFrancois

5 – Kim Buck

6 – Brigita Brezovac

7 – Alevitina Goroshinskaya

8 – Maria Rita Bello

9 – Kim Perez

10 – Monique Jones

11 – Zoa Linsey

12 – Maria Segura

13 – Tina Chandler

14 – Geraldine Morgan

Nicole Wilkins collected her third Ms. Figure International championship in a row by defeating Erin Stern once again, setting up another great showdown at the Olympia. The remaining top six were:

3 – Candice Keen

4 – Ava Cowan

5 – Heather Dees

6 – Teresa Anthony

Just as she did two weeks ago at the FLEX Pro, Adela Garcia was victorious and collected her fifth Ms. Fitness International trophy. Camala Rodriguez took second and Oksana Grishina third. Four through six were as follows:

4 – Bethany Cisternino

5 – Tanji Johnson

6 – Myriam Capes

Tomorrow at 2 PM, the men’s bodybuilding and bikini prejudging take place at the Veteran’s Memorial.

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