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Branch Warren & Erin Stern Both Winners at the 2012 Australian Pro Grand Prix – Full Scorecards

Not many people expected an upset in the men’s bodybuilding division at the 2012 Australian Pro Grand Prix and Branch Warren did exactly what he should do against a less than stellar line-up, winning his second consecutive show. But Nicole Wilkins was unable to duplicate what she did two weeks ago in Columbus, Ohio and had to settle for Erin Stern’s runner-up, which sets up a great battle come the Olympia.

Michael Kefalianos came in looking very sharp and qualified for the O with his second place finish, and Omar Deckard did very well for himself with third.


Wilkins and Stern have been going at it for the past few years and the former has been getting the nod of late. But with Stern winning here, the figure class is going to be getting a lot of attention between now and September in Las Vegas. Larissa Reis, who placed seventh at the Figure International, finished in third place.

The scorecards are as follows:


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