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How Will Tim Tebow Fit In With the New York Jets?

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is all contingent if the bonus money situation is resolved and this trade becomes official, of course. You have to feel for Mark Sanchez. His employer flirted with one of the best players at his position, then threw a bunch of money at the 25-year-old incumbent once that plan didn’t go through. The team then signed someone as the back-up quarterback that even the most critical of fans will not be calling for. All is well with the Jets, right?

Peyton Manning may end up being the end of Sanchez’s comfort in New York, after all, with the Jets’ acquisition of Tim Tebow (and a seventh round draft pick) from the Denver Broncos in exchange for fourth and sixth round picks in next month’s NFL Draft. The scrambling lefthander’s role on the team remains to be seen, but the boo birds at MetLife Stadium will waste no time in chanting his name (and not Drew Stanton’s) following every bad decision that Sanchez makes.

With the Jets bringing in Tony Sporano as offensive coordinator, there will certainly be a number of plays designed specifically for a player with Tebow’s skills. The former Miami Dolphins head coach brought the ‘Wildcat’ offense to the league and was able to succeed with it using a running back. Having someone like Tebow around will put a new spin on the gadget-type plays.


But there will be moments of controversy, no matter how many times Jets head coach Rex Ryan professes that Sanchez is the starter. When Tebow, 24, first entered the league in 2010, there were numerous questions surrounding his ability to run a pro style offense after starring as an option quarterback at the University of Florida. Not all of those questions have been answered, but Tebow did perform well at times throwing the ball (his 80-yard touchdown pass on the first play from scrimmage in the overtime win over Pittsburgh in the 2011 AFC Wild Card round being the highlight) and has not played himself out of a job, at least one that didn’t involve Manning.

He is not yet a solid NFL starting quarterback, but Tebow has made enough improvements that sitting on the bench now behind another young player is going to be very detrimental in his development. More live snaps are going to be the only way for him to take that next step. Switching him to another position on a full time basis has been discussed in the past, but that is a crap shoot and probably not why the Jets brought him in.

All of the Tebow hoopla will mean nothing if he stands around wearing a baseball hat and carrying a clipboard. (Do back-up QBs even do that anymore?) A few third down snaps running around is not legitimate playing time, either, so this move has to be viewed as another sign that the Jets are not totally sold on Sanchez’s ability to be the main main in New York.

Ryan promised less drama from this team after the 8-8 disappointing season, but Tebow standing on the sidelines will take it to another level.

Expect Tebow to be the starter by mid-season.


Season Team Passing Rushing Fumbles
G GS Comp Att Pct Yds Avg TD Int Sck SckY Rate Att Yds Avg TD FUM Lost
2011 Denver Broncos 14 11 126 271 46.5 1,729 6.4 12 6 33 225 72.9 122 660 5.4 6 13 6
2010 Denver Broncos 9 3 41 82 50.0 654 8.0 5 3 6 26 82.1 43 227 5.3 6 1 0
TOTAL 167 353 47.3 2,383 6.8 17 9 39 251 75.1 165 887 5.4 12 14 6

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