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2012 FIBO Power Pro Competitor’s List – Saturday, April 21 in Germany

Here is the latest publicized competitor’s for the men’s bodybuilding competition taking place on Saturday, April 21 in Essen, Germany:

1 – Matthias Botthof

2 – Elvis Brown

3 – Fauzi Hanst

4 – Leonid Istomin

5 – Johnnie Jackson


6 – Jari Mentula

7 – Lee Powell

8 – Firas Saied

9 – Daniel Toth

10 – Michael Kefalianos 

Also on tap are the Strongman versus Powerlifting and DBFV Bikini Cup Finale.

Kefalianos has been placing well so far this year and should do so again against this thin line-up – if he is in shape. Jackson is the one name that jumps off the page for US bodybuilding fans and is another that in all likelihood should find himself holding a decent check once it’s all said and done.

A wild card name for the win? Funny you should ask – Daniel Toth.

For more information, visit the official contest website,

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