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2012 IFBB Europa SuperShow Dallas Preview, Line-Up Cards

The Parisios will bring the bodybuilding world their third and final installment of this year’s Europa shows on Saturday, August 18 when the SuperShow invades the Lone Star state. The Dallas Convention Center will host men’s bodybuilding, men’s 212 and women’s figure and all three categories look to be tight races.

Shawn Rhoden, who won last week’s PBW Tampa Pro, is in the line-up, as is his two runners-up, Toney Freeman and Hidetada Yamagishi. This is going to be a very important contest as the Mr. Olympia is merely five weeks away and precious qualification spots are at stake.

Currently, Freeman (eight points) only trails Ben Pakulski by two points and should be able to hold off the competition to remain one of the top five in the Olympia Qualification Points Series standings. Yamagishi is currently tied for tenth place with only three points, and this may be his last shot at making it to Las Vegas. The same goes for Roelly Winklaar, who has only two points and is way down on the list.

In the 212, David Henry is back on stage after having to miss time due to his military commitment and is longing for another chance to go at it against his longtime nemesis Kevin English. The reigning 212 Showdown champion will be waiting for any and all comers next month and it will only enhance the pressure if Henry – a former winner in Vegas – qualifies.

Another interesting entrant in the 212 is Quincy Winklaar, the brother of Roelly.

Here are the full line-up cards:


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