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Spicy Shrimp and Cod with Habanero Citrus Salsa

By  Cara Trentadue – Keeping inflammation at bay in this stressful world can certainly be a challenge.  Sometimes I find it hard to walk out my front door without my cortisol levels reaching all time highs. But that’s another story.


This recipe is comforting at refreshing at the same time, take about 20 minutes to prepare and will satisfy most who enjoy a little spice.



For the Shrimp and Cod


2 – 4 oz pieces of Wild Caught Cod Filets


1-    16oz bag of medium sized shrimp wild caught, peeled and deveined


1 –small red onion diced


4- cloves garlic minced


Liberal amount red pepper flakes ( to suit your taste)


1 teaspoon tomato paste


2 cups low sodium veggie or fish stock


Begin by sautéing garlic onion in teaspoon extra virgin olive oil until tender add shrimp, cod, paste, broth, pepper flakes let simmer until fish is cooked.



For the Citrus Salsa


¼ Habenero pepper minced ( or more to suit your taste )


1 tsp  sea salt


2 oranges segmented with its juice


1 grapefruit segmented with juice


1 lemon segmented with juice


1 lime segmented with juice


Handful fresh cilantro ( to taste ) parsley can be used in place of cilantro.

Add all ingredients together and allow to chill 2 hours.



Serve and enjoy…..

My name is Cara ( and I have been studying nutrition  and practicing an alternative healthy lifestyle for over 20 years.  After learning how the body has the innate ability to heal itself in most cases proving you give it what it needs to do so I wanted to share this knowledge with the world.

I studied Nutrition and Weight Management Counseling at American Fitness Professionals and Associates and I am always pursuing new knowledge about healing the body and prevention of disease.   With over 20 years of practice behind me there is no argument that prevention is the easiest way to avoid sicknesses like type 2 diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.  I do not advocate “diets” I teach lifestyle change.  The children of America in this generation are said to be the only generation whose parents will outlive them.  Diet and lifestyle play a major role in this trend.  We need to turn it around.

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