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Is It Low T? Probably, So Do Something About It – Legally

You see the television ads during every sporting event broadcasted. With a targeted male audience and many being in their late 30s and 40s, the magic word to get their attention  – as hypocritical as it may be – is testosterone. Yes, the same word that has been on the end of so many sports stories in a negative context is also the end-all solution for many an issue as aging sets in.

So the same people that decried Barry Bonds and so many others for “cheating” are now spending millions of dollars collectively on testosterone supplements, trying to get back that edge that may be slipping with each birthday candle added to the cake.

While some folks have gone right to the source and have begun testosterone replacement therapy at their doctor’s office, others have been able to get similar results from the vitamin store. There are a plethora of prohormones available that will give you as boost with your energy and libido, and who wouldn’t want to obtain that little extra something in the bedroom?

So before you call that sports talk radio show and scream bloody murder that Roger Clemens (who is throwing nearly 90 miles per hour fastballs at the age of 50 when clocked in a recent Atlantic League game) is Pubic Enemy Number One for being accused of using PEDs, take a poll of yourself and your buddies and see who is being treated for low testosterone and how common it is nowadays.

You may be surprised at what your find out.

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