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2012 Olympia Weekend Preview & Predictions, Full Line-Up Cards

We are merely days away from another ‘Super Bowl of Bodybuilding’ weekend and the 2012 incarnation expects to be one that has a chance to be one of the more memorable variety for the possibilities of multiple new champions being named. When Kevin English was forced to remove himself from the 212 Showdown due to a nagging knee injury, it confirmed that there will be a changing of the guard in at least one category. But that may just be the tip of the iceberg.


Phil Heath was the favorite all along, but with the absence of Jay Cutler, ‘The Gift’ is looking at two consecutive Sandows once Saturday evening commences. He will get a good test from Kai Greene, but it will be a difficult task, indeed, to knock off the champ. With the absence of Victor Martinez, there is some wiggle room for Shawn Rhoden to continue his hot streak in 2012.


1 – Phil Heath

2 – Kai Greene

3 – Branch Warren

4 – Evan Centopani

5 – Dexter Jackson

6 – Shawn Rhoden


It would have been the best race of the night with English here, but still may take that title after all. David Henry is back after missing time due to his military commitment and surely was looking forward to taking on his biggest rival, but he will have to settle for going up against some other formidable names such as Flex Lewis, Jose Raymond and Eduardo Correa. Although it will be s photo finish, expect Lewis’s name to be announced as the winner.


1 – Flex Lewis

2 – Eduardo Correa

3 – Jose Raymond

4 – David Henry

5 – Tricky Jackson

6 – Guy Cisternino



This one could be as tight as the 212, just with less top names who have a legitimate shot at the crown. Iris Kyle has set the standard and is arguably the greatest female bodybuilder of all time, but is not getting any younger and is coming off an injury. She had to skip the Ms. International in March and it will be interesting to see if she is able to come to Vegas in the same condition she always does. Yaxeni Oriwuen-Garcia has been nipping at Kyle’s heels and was victorious in her absence in Ohio. It would be foolish to think that she cannot sweep the two most prestigious shows of the year and reclaim her Ms. Olympia title. Debi Laszewski is always right up there, but has had a tough time leapfrogging Kyle and Oriquen-Garcia.


1 – Yaxeni Oriquen-Garcia

2 – Iris Kyle

3 – Debi Laszewski

4 – Brigita Brezovac

5 – Alina Popa

6 – Sheila Bleck


Adela Garcia has been the best year after year and it should be no different this time around. She always comes in looking fantastic (conditioning-wise and costume) and her routines are second-to-none. Oksana Grishina is a rising star and has that sultry, sexy look which is accentuated by her hot routines. Once Garcia steps down, the Russian brunette has the best chance of becoming the heir apparent.


1 – Adela Gracia

2 – Oksana Grishina

3 – Tanji Johnson

4 – Myriam Capes

5 – Bethany Cisternino

6 – Tina Durkin


A great one-two battle between defending champion Nicole Wilkins and former winner Erin Stern will enter another round. Wilkins will win unless she comes in off, which is not likely. Ava Cowan has improved and is becoming more popular and a another top-three placing here will be about right.


1 – Nicole Wilkins

2 – Erin Stern

3 – Ava Cowan

4 – Teresa Anthony

5 – Candice Keene

6 – Alicia Harris


This is another category ripe for a change at the top. Nicole Nagrani is coming in as the defending champion, but fell all the way to third at the Arnold Classic. Sonia Gonzalez cashed the winner’s check in Columbus and the 2011 Olympia 5th place finisher will fair better this time around. India Paulino has shot out of the gate and a win here will be the crowning jewel on her young career.


1 – India Paulino

2 – Nicole Nagrani

3 – Nathalia Melo

4 – Sonia Gonzalez

5 – Dianna Dahlgren

6 Р Jaime Baird

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