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2012 IFBB Sheru Classic Results & Analysis, Full Score Cards

Once again, Phil Heath reigns supreme in the Indian peninsula. For the second consecutive year, the two-time Mr.Olympia won the Sheru Classic and was able to hold off a stiff challenge from the same runner-up as the previous week. This time around, it was not Jay Cutler but rather Kai Greene, who has established himself as the solid number two bodybuilder in the world.

David Henry completed his comeback from the long military duty layoff by taking the 212 category. At the 212 Showdown, he was beaten out by Flex Lewis, who did not compete here.

In figure, Erin Stern and Nicole Wilkins placed one-two as they did in Las Vegas and Nicole Nagrani won the bikini over India Paulino.

Here are the full scorecards:


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