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Inspiration From the Games

By Barry Seltz– The Olympic Games this year were a highlight for me – I live in the UK myself and really enjoyed the sports on show. The list of achievements by sportspeople goes on endlessly-David Rushida shattering the record for the 800m for Kenya, Valentina Vezzali accruing the most medals of any female competitor in the fencing, and Britain’s cyclists in the velodrome setting a new 42.6 best in the team sprint. Overall, an impressive 37 world records were set in the 2012 games.

kettlebells at Fitness – Mad

It’s great that we’re continually pushing the limits of what we’re physically capable of as human beings-and to be able to get to the top, you need the right tools for the job. Without the right equipment, you’ll be more limited in your training options. With it, though, especially if you can get a good mix of upper/lower-body and cardio machines mixed into your workout, can get some impressive results.


Now, we all know how expensive gym membership can be-it can be a major drain on your salary, and sometimes it’s just that bit easier to do it DIY-style! Notwithstanding the initial cost of the equipment, you need never pay gym fees again if you don’t want to, and you can customise your own personal gym based around your fitness goals and personal preferences. So, if you want to set up yourself which equipment is best/most appropriate for a home gym?


The consensus is generally that in aerobic terms it’s best to choose whatever machine you’re happiest using-pretty simple, really-if you enjoy using it then it’s more likely you’ll derive more benefit from it. This advice is generally aimed at those who struggle with their motivation, although if you’ve got no problems with that then it would still be a good idea, as you’ll push yourself harder. Treadmills are a good general choice and help to burn a lot of calories, although not if you’ve got joint issues-the impact forces are 3.7 times higher than your normal weight, so it’s one to avoid if you’ve recently suffered knee or lower back problems. Exercise bikes are very good for building leg strength, but make sure you set the resistance high, rather than allowing the pedals to do the work for you! Elliptical machines tend to have the same issues, so just be aware of how hard you’re working.


For upper-body activities, a multigym could be a good choice if you’ve got a lot of cash but not much space-modern multigyms can have a lot of features packed into them so you can make maximum use of whatever floor space you have available.  Rowing machines are excellent for building an all-round physique and endurance-try intervals for the most benefit. Setting up a cable to work with can give a solid workout for your core, using exercises like woodchops and tuck reverse crunches. You needn’t restrict yourself to traditional machines; you can always get some dumbbells, kettlebells or exercise mats if your budget is a bit restricted. Getting creative with these can yield some good results-training (with good form and posture) using a heavy kettlebell can sculpt some great, natural-looking muscle.


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