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UFL Suspends Schedule, Will Resume in Spring of 2013 – But Is It the Death Knell?

The official Facebook page of the United Football League includes two ominous posts on Saturday, October 20. The first was as follows:

The UFL announced Saturday morning it is suspending fall operations of the 2012 season. More news will be forthcoming about the UFL’s future. Thank you for your support and your patience.
Then approximately two hours later, a follow-up post read:
The UFL has officially postponed the second half of the fall 2012 season to the spring of 2013. Also plans to play again in the fall of ’13. Thanks for your support. We appreciate it.
This can only be viewed as detrimental and coupled with the fact that the league’s official website has not been updated since before the season began gives the indication that the UFL may go by way of all of the other fallen football leagues, such as the XFL.
The UFL would actually be better off sticking to a spring schedule, but the New USFL is poised to do just that. The formula for the UFL was interesting and bringing in former NFL coaches and players did work on a lower level, but it did not last. When a league ceases operations – even for a scheduled time – it does not bode well for its long range plans.
Hopefully the league can get its feet on the ground and resume, but this appears to be the first nail in the coffin.

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