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Bryan Yersky Leads List of Pro Card Recipients at 2012 NPC Nationals

Once Bryan Yersky teamed up with Chad Nicholls, it almost seemed inevitable that the guru would lead him to the promised land. Two years nearly to the day, that is exactly what happened and the Ohio native cleaned up in Atlanta at the 2012 NPC Nationals. Yersky not only won the ultra-competitive super heavyweight class, but also the overall men’s bodybuilding title to earn an IFBB pro card.

There were 62 pro cards awarded in the following division breakdown:


Bryan Yersky (overall)

Shaun Clarida

Johnny McKnight

Chris Darby

Brandon Williams

Art Shahnazarian

Steven Silverman

Anthony Pairaris

Cory Matthews

Adam Cohen

Lloyd Dollar

Justin Compton

Anthonelli Champaigne

Alejandro Ojeda



Vincent Fiore (overall)

Ian Lauer

Sean Harley

Ken Rawlins

Corey Hammac

Jonathan Cetera

Collin Wasiak

Tory Woodward

Russell Waheed

Keenon LeBlanc

Stephen Mass


Junaita Blaino (overall)

Crystal Rieke

Rene Marven

Kira Neuman


Toni West (overall)

Alisa Alday

Jamie Pinder

Lindy Waid

Asha Hadley

Audrey Presson

Katie Bartlett

Danielle Reardon


Nicole Sims (overall)

Cydney Gillon

Belinda Hope

Corinna Booth

Elizabeth Jenkins

Michelle Shephard

Tamara Sedlack

Jennifer Baker

Christy Allen

Danielle Sereluca

Tanya Weinie

Angela Coleman


Angela Skeels (overall)

Francesca Yumul

Candice Conroy

Aly Veneno

Amy Allen

Kalyn Link

Kerri Hayes

Ashley Wade

Desiree Nieman

Crystal Green

Francine Slobodnik

Jay Grajo

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