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2012 IFBB Maters Olympia Dec. 7 & 8 in Miami Beach; Jarka Lorie Schneider Productions

Back in 1994, the IFBB introduced the Masters Olympia to the sport of bodybuilding and brought with it a newfound respect for the legends that paved the way. Bringing some of the big names from yesteryear to one stage was an ingenious idea and the fans’ reaction was an extremely positive one. The contest was held in 10 of the next 11 years and brought back some of the greatest memories of the 1990s.

In that inaugural show, “The Black Prince” Robby Robinson took home the honors with Chris Dickerson (50+) and Ed Corney (60+) also receiving recognition. Sonny Schmidt won in 1995 and then Vince Taylor stood victorious in five consecutive Masters (with the exception of 1998 when there was no contest held).

Don Youngblood (2002) and Claude Groulx (2003) also dot the list of winners.


In 2006, the show was renamed the IFBB Masters Pro World Championship and was won by Bob Cicherillo. Last year, 13 competitors donned the posing trunks and ended up becoming one of the most spoken about shows of the calendar year. Promoter Jarka Lorie Schneider put together a line-up that included both the retired and active competitors over the age of 40 and the mix was one for the ages. Here are the final results:

1 – Dexter Jackson

2 – Toney Freeman

3 – Bill Wilmore

4 – Edward Nunn

5 – Troy Alves

6 – Darrem Charles

7 – Tricky Jackson

8 – Roland Cziurlok

9 – Pavol Jablonicky

10 – Lee Apperson

11 – Samir Bannout

12 – Stan Frydtych

13 – Andreas Cahling

There was also an IFBB pro bikini division competing and India Paulino bested Tianna Ta (second) and Juliana Daniell (third), as well as 12 other competitors.

This year, many of the same names will be at the Jackie Gleason Theater in Miami Beach, Florida and they will be joined by even more. The final competitor’s list is still to follow:

Dexter Jackson

Toney Freeman

Dennis James

Ed Nunn

Ronny Rockel

Troy Alves

Mike Quinn

Samir Bannout

Darrem Charles

Bill Wilmore

Vinny Galanti

Rob Belisle

Lee Banks

Gianluca Catapano

Lawrnece Hunt

Andreas Cahling

Lee Apperson

Leo Ingram

Mark Antonek

The incomparable Bob Cicherillo will be emceeing, and there will also be three special guest posers: Phil Heath, Ronnie Coleman and Francis Benfatto.

The IFBB bikini, figure and fitness divisions will also be well represented, as will the amateurs (NPC South Beach Classic) and powerlifitng, as well as an expo and seminar.

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