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TEST WORx New Test Booster – What Are They Doing Differently?

By Carl Oliver – Natural and drug free testosterone supplementation is becoming a staple consideration in not just athletes but also middle aged men looking to improve energy, mood, libido and workout recovery time. Anyone who has bothered to do a shred of research has found that testosterone is something that should be considered as a quality of life enhancer and not just for athletic advantages.

There are countless options when choosing a testosterone booster and prices vary wildly. While the options may seem endless there are a few key things a testosterone supplement should have for your considering.

  • Money back guarantee – This is a good sign of a reputable company that believes in its product. It makes sense, if it works for most people there is no harm in giving money back to the select few who it didn’t work for. Check out the guarantee!
  • Ingredients backed by science or trials – without citing specific products there are some on the market that have zero science backing and instead lengthy urban legends about the ingredients… beware!
  • Good reviews – the days of hiding bad reviews is gone if customers are unhappy you will find them talking about it.

We like the TEST WORx natural testosterone booster because they covered the 3 main considerations but they also introduced something unique to their product category that has been a major concern for most products. The 6 week supply.

Most supplement companies know that testosterone boosters take anywhere from 2-5 weeks to ramp up in the system. Most people can’t even get an accurate gauge if the product is working in only 4 weeks. In addition it would be silly to stop supplementation in only 4 weeks. So what do you have to do? Buy 2 bottles to get your 5 or 6 week supply. Creating a 6 week supply has addressed a concern of many buyers typically stuck with having to buy 2 bottles or get limited results from a 4 week supply.

Without getting too scientific here is how it works. Men produce a substance called Sex Hormone Binding Globulin, or SHBG and it binds to testosterone that is circulating in your system and makes it unusable. That is why you have heard of two types of testosterone, bound testosterone or BT and free testosterone or FT. TEST WORx unbinds SHBG from the testosterone turning it into free testosterone available for use with no concurrent increase in estrogen.


What to watch out for?

  • Acne – some people get acne, if the product works you stand the chance to get it. Goes with the territory.
  • Increased agitation or aggression – this isn’t the type of crazy aggression known as “roid rage” but when testosterone levels increase it can increase agitation. You can try lowering your dosage or get your butt into yoga classes.

From our research TEST WORx is a competitively price higher end natural testosterone booster but when you factor in the 6 week cycle, no questions asked guarantee, proven ingredients and rave reviews it could be considered the top product in its category.

Again, everyone prefers different things in their testosterone boosters but TEST WORx is definitely one you should consider in your choices. You can learn more by visiting their website here 


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