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2013 Masters Olympia Review – Dexter Jackson, India Paulino, Candice Lewis & Natalie Planes Victorious

Talk about a perfect weekend. The Miami temperature hovering around 80 degrees and Christmas lights illuminating the scenery were a pleasant surprise, but what took place at the Jackie Gleason Theater looked even better. Jarka Lorie Schneider bested even what she did a year ago and pulled off a great weekend to cap off the IFBB schedule in grand fashion.

The Masters Olympia/Miami Pro brought together the legends of yesterday, today and even tomorrow when you factor in the NPC South Beach Classic that was also on the agenda.

Dexter Jackson edged out Toney Freeman for the second consecutive year (counting the 2012 World Pro Masters) and India Paulino, who finished third at the Bikini Olympia, was the clear cut winner here. In figure, Candice Lewis topped the rest of the line-up, as did Natalie Planes in the fitness category.

Here are the final scorecards:




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