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Branch Warren, Dennis Wolf, Shawn Rhoden & Evan Centopani To Sit Out 2013 Arnold Classic

Many of the big names in bodybuilding will be facing the stage instead of the audience come March in Columbus, with two-time defending Arnold Classic champion Branch Warren the latest to announce that he will not compete at the prestigious show. His runner-up Dennis Wolf will also sit it out, as will two up and coming names in Shawn Rhoden and Evan Centopani.

Warren was not a big shock, as many of the past champions (Kai Greene being the most recent, and also a winner of two) have decided to wait for the Olympia. But it would have beehoved Wolf – who many believed could have won in 2012 – to come back to Ohio in search of a winner’s check.

Rhoden took third at the O and had a big year in 2012, so he may be looking to rest a body that went through a litany of contest prep and travel in the last 12 months. Centopani could be turning down a golden opportunity by not competing.


This opens the door for Dexter Jackson, who recently won the Masters Olympia and has three Arnolds under his belt already, one shy of Flex Wheeler’s record. Toney Freeman, who placed second at the Masters, is another name being thrown around as a possible major contender.

A bodybuilder’s goal should be to build a perfect physique, not to lift as much weight as possible in weightlifting or powerlifting exercises – and be sure to take the advice of the Workout Tipster.

Of course there are always dark horses such as Ben Pakulski and Lionel Beyeke to banter about. But it will certainly be a different type of show this coming year because of who is not there rather than who is.
Here are the full competitors lists of invitees:

Arnold Classic (13)

Fouad Abiad, Darrem Charles, Toney Freeman,  Marcus Haley,  Dexter Jackson,  Johnnie Jackson,  Michael Kefalianos,  Cedric McMillan,  Ben Pakulski,  Edward Nunn,  Ronny Rockel

Fred Smalls, Hidetada Yamagishi

Ms. International (12)

Brigita Brezovac,  Kim Buck,  Tazzie Colomb,  Angela Debatin,  Alevtina Goroshinskaya,  Elena Kavva,

Iris Kyle,  Debi Laszewski, Cathy Lefrancois,  Yaxeni Oriquen,  Jeannie Paparone,  Olga Puzanova

Fitness International (12)

Myriam Capes, Bethany Cisternino,  Regiane DaSilva,  Nicole Duncan,  Ryall Graber-Vasani,  Oksana Grishina,  Fiona Harris,  Amanda Hatfield,  Tanji Johnson,  Melinda Szabo,  Kizzy Vaines,  Trish Warren

Figure International (18)

Cheryl Brown,  Ava Cowan,  Heather Dees,  Olga Gallardo,  Mallory Haldeman,  Aleisha Hart,  Candice John,  Candice Keene, Candice Lewis

Kamla Macko,  Camala Rodriguez,  Giada Simari,  Nicole Sims,  Erin Stern,  Gennifer Strobo,  Alea Suarez,  Ann Titone.  Natalie Waples

Bikini International (18)

Noy Alexander,  Jennifer Andrews,  Jamie Baird,  Tiffany Boydston,  Abbie Burrows,  Lacey DeLuca,  Lieto Tawna Eubanks Ashley Kaltwasser,  Lexi Kauffman

Nathalia Melo,  Justin Munro,  Nicole Nagrani,  Noemi Olah,  India Paulino,  Jessica Paxson,  Yeshaira Robles , Marcela Tribin, Anna Virmajoki

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