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Baseball HOF Voters Continue To Shut Out ‘Steroid Era’ Superstars, Full Ballot Results

There were shots fired above the bow in previous votes, but this one is a direct hit. When the likes of Mark McGwire and Raphael Palmeiro failed to receive anything close to the 75 percent of the votes required by the National Baseball Hall of Fame for induction, it was far from a surprise and almost a given because both players have proven ties to performance-enhancing drug use (either by a failed drug test or admission). But this year’s ballot included many names that are merely suspected of using, making it a very interesting one.

The Baseball Writer’s Association of America made their collective opinion heard loud and clear by barely giving consideration to players that would have been automatic ins if not for the PED issue. Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds have never failed a drug test or been found guilty of perjury, but the court of public opinion has found them guilty. In both their first times on the ballot, Clemens (37.6%) and Bonds (36.2%) fell well short of getting into the hallowed halls in Cooperstown.


Mike Piazza (57.8%) may be a victim of the so-called steroid era, even though no one has ever even publicly accused him of using PEDs. But because he was a large framed, strong power hitter, the former Mets and Dodgers catcher is quietly looked at as another possible user.

As a matter of fact, the BBWAA did not vote on a single player for induction, the first time this has occured since 1996. Craig Biggio, another muscular player like Piazza that has never been linked to PEDs, came close with 68.2%.

Sammy Sosa, who battled with McGwire (16.9%) in 1998 for the league lead in home runs and who could break Roger Maris’s record of 61 first, received 12.5%. Palmeiro held up the list from the bottom with a mere 8.8%.

Player Votes Pct
Craig Biggio 388 68.2
Jack Morris 385 67.7
Jeff Bagwell 339 59.6
Mike Piazza 329 57.8
Tim Raines 297 52.2
Lee Smith 272 47.8
Curt Schilling 221 38.8
Roger Clemens 214 37.6
Barry Bonds 206 36.2
Edgar Martinez 204 35.9
Alan Trammell 191 33.6
Larry Walker 123 21.6
Fred McGriff 118 20.7
Dale Murphy 106 18.6
Mark McGwire 96 16.9
Don Mattingly 75 13.2
Sammy Sosa 71 12.5
Rafael Palmeiro 50 8.8
Others receiving votes: Bernie Williams, 19; Kenny Lofton, 18; Sandy Alomar Jr., 16; Julio Franco, 6; David Wells, 5; Steve Finley, 4; Shawn Green, 2; Aaron Sele, 1.

Photo By Jim Leary

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