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Grip On – Used By the Top Fitness Athletes & Trainers in the Industry

By now, readers of MuscleSport Magazine have certainly heard of GRIP ON and are fully aware of the advantages that you can get by using this accessory. But taking a look at the long list of testimonials on the company’s website confirms that this is the modern day replacement for lifting straps and gloves:

“With Grip On, you may find that you are lifting more weight than you
previously thought possible and completing more reps than ever before.
Grip On provides a weight training advantage unlike any other.”
– Barry Crenshaw,

“GRIP ON – what a fantastic product! So easy to apply, comfortable, and no callused or damaged hands.
Say goodbye to sweaty, uncomfortable, crusty old gloves. These rubber sleeves slip on easily and
remove in seconds from any bar. The design and color choices give you a wide range to choose from.
My wife uses the pink Grip On at her gym and loves them. Grip On is the real deal!”
– Steve Vine, La Quinta, CA

(Above: Janet Lynn West, owner of Core Elements, training Pam Honaker with Grip On)

“I love your product Grip On and how easy it is to move from one piece of equipment to another. However, the biggest benefit for me is how I can easily set them up on a bar so that I can place my hands in the perfect spot every time. I have always worn gloves when lifting, but within one week of trying GRIP ON I ordered an extra pair for myself and one for my wife. And the fact she uses them speaks volumes!” – Duane Brickhouse, Men’s Physique Overall 1st Place Shawn Ray Grand Prix 2012, NPC Physique Competitor, NASM Certified Personal Trainer
“After winning my category, Bikini Open A, at the NPC South Beach Classic/IFBB Masters Olympia this past December 8th, I was introduced to “GRIP ON” by David Kelsey and Janet Lynn and I can only say, WOW, I love it! ❤ All my problems about big and bulky gloves are all in the past. I have been using my GRIP ON for all my workouts. From pull ups, biceps curls, triceps press downs, using dumbbells, using the bars when doing, cable crunches, bench press and so on, and of course I am now able to go from weights to my favorite – jumping rope with no problem. I have been introducing the GRIP ON’s to everyone at the gym and all love it especially the guys that never wear gloves. I believe that so far this is been the most simple but helpful tool I have owned for the gym. I have straps and two pairs of gloves (thick and a thin ones), but I am now able to combine all of this and use only MY “GRIP ON” – Thank you so much for making my life at the gym much easier hahaha!” – Sandra Myers, NPC Bikini Competitor and Fitness Model, NPC South Beach Classic/IFBB Master Olympia, 1st Place Bikini Open A

“Grip On is awesome! They work great for when I’m dead lifting and doing rope pushdowns and
rope hammer curls on the cables. Thank you so much for helping my workout!”
– Kendra Reed, Fitness Staff @ Spectrum Clubs

“I’ve never been able to find gloves that fit properly and made lifting comfortable. Grip On solved this problem.
I find it much easier to get a solid grip on barbells and dumbbells, and I no longer need to bother with gloves. It has even
helped me lift more weight on my bench press and my dumbbell and barbell curls. Best of all, no more calloused palms.”
– Corey Dean, Santa Clarita, CA

“During the past year, since receiving the IDEA World Fitness Instructor of the Year award, I have seen and tried a lot of new products. I find the best ideas are usually simple ones and the Grip On is no exception. It’s simple and exceptional. I love to travel with my Grip Ons. As a Senior Master Trainer for TRX Training, I am in hundreds of gyms each year, touching hundreds of well used pieces of equipment. Grip Ons take up almost no space in my purse or travel bag so they are always handy. I slip them over my TRX handles for an 8-hour training and use them on the equipment in the gym for a comfortable, secure grip and minimal exposure to nasty germs. I like that they are soft and washable, feel good and reduce strain on my petite wrists. The Grip On “Glove Alternative” is a winner!” – Leigh Crews, IDEA World Fitness Instructor of the “Grip On is a great asset to making sure you never drop a barbell or dumbbell again due to sweaty hands. They offer great support and protect the hands from nasty calluses.” – Michael George, Personal Trainer to stars John Travolta, Toby Maguire, Reese Witherspoon, Christian Slater, Meg Ryan, Slash of Guns N’ Roses, and
LA-based celebrity trainer Bobby Strom loves Grip-On and uses them with all his clients! By putting them on a bar, clients automatically know where to grip so it avoids explanation and translates to more weight lifted and more reps performed. He especially loves the Hot Pink for his female clients! “I’ve been training for such a long time and I am always looking for something new that can improve my form and strength at the gym. I recently discovered GRIP ON in Fitness RX magazine. Not only are they stylish and match my outfit 😉 they did help improve my strength, because I was able to put more weight on my equipment without losing my form. They give you such a tight grip that your hands don’t slide, it’s solid, firm and you can get through these reps with no pain in your forearms and wrist. Plus, it keeps the germs away from your hands so they don’t have to touch directly any fitness equipment. I know it sounds funny, but I got a rash once from the equipment at the gym:( So for all these reasons, GRIP ON is a great concept, I love them and it sure makes you look ‘HIP’ and ‘sexy’ in the gym :)” –Michele Levesque, Ms Figure America, Ms Figure Universe, Fitness & Cover Model, Fitness Expert, GAT
“Finally a product that replaces my smelly dirty gloves that never seem to completely dry out. I can quickly move from machine to machine or bar to bar for clean comfort. The nonslip material ensures that I keep good, pain free, form even during my most sweaty workouts. Thanks GRIP ON!” – Janet Lynn West, Owner Core Elements by Janet Lynn West, IFBB Figure Pro, Founder of Team Granite Girls, NFL Cheerleader for the Washington
“Thank you for the perfect pair of Grip On! I do not like wearing gloves at the gym, so when I tried out the Grip On, they were perfect! Not only are they quick to put on for my workouts with dumb bells and barbell exercises, they are my favorite color – pink – and protect my soft hands as I lift heavy!  Thank you Grip On!” – Lisa Reed, M.S., CSCS, USAW, Owner Lisa Reed Fitness LLC, IFBB Fitness & Figure Pro, Certified Strength & Conditioning “I recently introduced GRIP ON to my clients and they are a hit! As some people find it difficult to do certain exercises with their gloves on, there is a lot of wasted time having the gloves come on and off.  Additionally, GRIP ON provide a great solution for when a client forgets their gloves and wants to borrow mine. This Granite Girl loves GRIP ON!” – Pam Honaker, Granite Girl, NPC Figure Competitor, NSPA Certified Personal Trainer
“Grip On is a must have in my gym bag! I love the Grip On because they help me keep proper form with heavier dumbbells with the no slip grip and padding. During super sets you can quickly transfer them from different weights with no hassle. I also really love how they can be washed with soap and water to eliminate germs after using a public gym. Once you try these, you won’t go back to gloves.” – Joy Mazza, NPC East Coast Classic/Maryland State 2012 – #1, NPC Bikini Competitor and member of the Granite Girls team “I freakin’ love my Grip On! So happy with them. I’m kinda old school and a bit hard core. My new addiction… Grip On! I LOVE using these!!! I’ve never worn gloves and like to use chalk, but most gyms don’t allow that. Then I was fortunate enough to try a pair of Grip On. Now I carry them with me everywhere in the gym. Thank you, Grip On, for creating this kick ass product. It makes my lifting easier and better!” –Karma Schopp, Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach, Writer, NPC Physique
“As a Bodybuilder, I rely on grip a great deal when I am trying to contract my muscle and feel the weight, I can not have my grip giving out. This has always been something I have struggled with until I found Grip On, by the look of it, it looked like exactly what I was looking for, I gave it a try and I was amazed at what Grip On can do! Not only did it give me superior grip, it also cushioned my hands, and kept them dry throughout the whole movement! The first time I used Grip On was for chest, and with all the pressing movements I felt like my hands, wrists, and arms were cushioned, secured on the bar, and removed from the exercise like they should be. In the end of my workout, it was very clear how greatly Grip On can improve the isolation of the muscle by the HUGE pump I had throughout my chest, like never before! Grip On gave me the BEST chest workout of my life! Give Grip On a try and you will be amazed at what Grip On can do.” – Sheldon Haynie, “My training staff and I have been using the Grip On with several of our clients. Most appreciate the comfort and the added level of control over their bar, band, dumbbell, cable handle etc. I personally have used the Grip On for chest and back days. I’ve never used gloves but love the added comfort of the Grip On. If you’ve never tried them…you have to! Grip On rocks!” – Lance Owens, NASM CPT, CES PTAG CPT Corrective Exercise/ Weight Loss Specialist, Personal Training Director, Just Fitness 4U, Marietta GA
“Grip On is a clear advantage when lifting. Let’s talk straps, hooks and other devices to assist in lifting: you are only as strong as your weakest link and if you can’t hold it, you really can’t lift it. Gloves protect your hands, but are you always wearing gloves in life? Grip On assists in muscle recruitment because they slightly increase the bar diameter and cause you to have a greater workout through the entire kinetic chain, which in return is greater grip strength. They also give you a sure grip on whatever application you are attempting. There are only advantages to using Grip On!! I recommend them to anyone at any level.” – Bill Lynch, Owner/Trainer, Elite Training LLC “The Grip-On has been one of the best new pieces of equipment we’ve tried this year at MISPIBO Fitness. I’m okay with the calloused look, but 80% of my clients are women who do mind. They prefer to get the benefits of heavy metal lifting without the unwarranted side effects, and the Grip-On allows for that.  I personally like the piece of mind that my Grips-On is clean, so I  keep a set in my gym bag to use for sanitary reasons.  Male or female, experienced lifter or newbie… you’ll find a use.  I suggest you grab at least two pair. Work hard. Live well.” – Ambrose WB, Owner/Fitness Practitioner: MISPIBO
“As a personal trainer, gym owner, and retired competitive bodybuilder, I was impressed with this product. It reduced grip fatigue and eliminated the need for messy chalk or hot gloves. As a gym owner I also see it being a success from a sanitary standpoint. It keeps you from having to handle everything. I found it extremely useful with my clients when using the rope. I was skeptical at first, but I am very satisfied with this product.” – Chad Lester, Personal Trainer and Owner of Rockmart Family Fitness, Rockmart, GA “Grip On is very well made and a great alternative to workout gloves. I especially like it on the rope for the Tricep pushdowns.” – Kim Lyons, Fitness Expert, NASM CPT, PES, CES; former trainer from “The Biggest Loser” & best-selling author
“Grip On is easy to use, convenient, comfortable, cushy, and colorful – they take the sting out of bars and ropes while making the visuals more diverse and pleasant.” – Dr. Irv Rubenstein, Ph.D, President of STEPS Fitness Inc., Certified Personal Trainer ACSM-H/FI, NSCA-CSCS, ACE, AAHFP, finalist for Ace personal trainer of the year 2011 “With Grip On, you may find that you are lifting more weight than you previously thought possible and completing more reps than ever before. Grip On provides a weight training advantage unlike any other.  They fit on most any type of gym equipment.  Grip On is tough and built to last, even the most expensive weightlifting gloves are only guaranteed for a year where Grip On last for many years.  They are also easily cleaned and take up very little space in your gym bag.  No more blisters and calluses.” – Silas Gold, President of
“I was coaching one of my clients while he was doing pull ups when he started complaining that the metal bar hurt his hands. Usually I would tell him to either try and use a hook grip or just plainly “man up.”  The former didn’t work, and the latter would’ve just made him angry.  That’s when I realized I had the perfect solution.  I let him use the Grip-Ons and when he finished his set of pull ups, he smiled and said to me, “the man’s a genius.” The timing couldn’t have been more perfect.  Through my experience with Grip On, I found the product to be convenient and versatile.  Grip On is a great investment towards anyone who’s fitness is being hindered by the discomfort from their hands.” – Sam Chew, CSCS, RKC, Chew’s Fitness / Personal Trainer, Equinox Gym, SoHo NY “I have been using Grip On and really enjoy them. I love the fact that I don’t have to wear gloves and that they prevent roughness on my hands more than my gloves ever did. They are very easy to put on and take off d-bells, bar-bells, or whatever I am using them for. I love, love the pink!!! If I am super setting and have them on some equipment, there is no way a man is going to take my equipment while I am using something else. :-). They work great for grip and I have thoroughly enjoyed them. Thank you so much Grip On!” – Sandy Hancock, personal training, nutritional guidance, and weight-loss coaching
“I have found personally that Grip On works great on free weights. Made the workout seem that much easier and WITHOUT gloves… that was HUGE!!! I also found a few other machines and bars in my local gym that they worked great on. Also no more blisters and calluses!” – AJ Seliga, General Manager, World Gym, Northwest Arkansas “I will admit that knurled bars and the rope for triceps pushdowns can bother my hands and sometimes my hands can get sweaty and slip. But, wearing weight lifting gloves make me feel like a douche, while using chalk is just too messy and makes me sneeze.  So up until now I just lived with it, but I recently tried a new product called “Grip On” which is a great alternative to gloves and chalk.  You simply put the Grip On rubber grip on the bar, rope, etc. and then do your set, they can be used on all bars, and accessories. They also have just the right curve that make them fit perfectly into your palms.  Grip On is a great product for anyone who lifts weight for any reason.” – Paul Becker, Personal trainer and weight loss coach, Founder
“Grip Ons are extremely easy to use and take just seconds to apply, unlike lifting straps which many people struggle to use correctly. I noticed a clear improvement with my grip on exercises where my hands normally would slip around. Another clear advantage over straps is the fact that they don’t tear up the skin around your wrist, and also help to actually improve your natural grip strength. I would recommend Grip On to clients complaining of their grip strength or grip slipping, as well as those focusing on ‘raw’ pulling lifts where straps are not allowed, and training with straps would be counterproductive.” –Dave Bohr, Apex Contest “I like using Grip On, specifically using them on the Smith machine, Ez curl bar, dumbbells, as well as the barbell.  I felt like I had a firmer handle on each bar.  They are certainly more comfortable than the steel ridg/rigid handles each bar has.  Grip On especially stands out when using a more popular bar that has been worn down because of use. Thank you for making me aware of Grip On!” – Eric Stachowiak, Personal Trainer, Golds Gym Milwaukee

“I have been using the ‘Grip On’ for my workouts for the last couple weeks now, the comfort and
design allows my hands to breath while I am lifting without having to wear sweaty gloves.
The calluses on my hands have actually gotten softer and smaller. I love this product
to get a more comfortable heavy lift for a variety of upper body workouts. With the Grip-On,
my pull-up maximum has already increased and holding heavy dumbbells is far less
a hassle on my hands. These are definitely a must-have for anyone
who works out with weights. My clients love them as well!”
– Michael Kramer, Personal Trainer, Action Personal Training, Tarzana, Ca

“These grips are great! I use them every day on different pieces of equipment.
I made sure to have my friends at the gym try them and they liked them.
My wife loves Grip On because they protect her hands from blisters and
calluses and they give her a secure a grip. She likes them on different
pieces of equipment, but especially on the different Smith machines.
Grip On is a really good workout accessory for my wife and me.”
– Marc C., Owner of and

“The trainers all like them a lot!  They are following the recommended handling.
They said they come in real handy with female clients that have weak hand strength
and are especially helpful with dead lifts and pullups!”
– Mel Kleist, General Manager of Xsport Fitness in Libertyville, IL

” I used them today for the first time and really like them.
It was fun, different, and they go on easy!”
– Tania Garner, World Gym, Bentonville, AR

“I use GripOn at California Fitness Center, my trainer calls them magical because every time
I use them I can magically lift the weights better because my hands don’t hurt!”
– Stephanie L., Granada Hills, Ca

“I love my new gym toy Grip On, it rocks!! Super easy to use and has a very comfortable feel.
I would recommend it anyone who workouts out with gym equipment.”
– Jackie Korman, Porter Ranch, Ca

“I am a Strength and Conditioning Coach and have been using Grip On for some time. Many of our athletes use them for
bench press, military press, curls, and pull up exercises, to name a few. Our athletes use them to put the power into the lift… they work!”
– Kevin A., Fort Collins, CO

“I love these! They’re very comfortable!”
– Barbara Fazendin, Los Angeles, CA

James Lanza, Personal Trainer – Lanza Fitness / California Fitness Center

“These are better than gloves, no sweaty mess!”
– Paul Silver, Northridge, CA

“Tried them for CrossFit and was worried when we were throwing weight, but they were great and did not move!”
– Christina Alan, Valencia, CA

“I found a great substitute for my sweaty workout gloves – it’s called Grip On. They’re small rubber tubes that slip over
the bar on my free weights and exercise equipment. They feel great on my hands, are easily removable, and I don’t have to
replace them every month. One problem… everyone in the gym keeps bugging me to try them! Great product.”
– Michael Kaye, Santa Fe, NM


One thing that is very important to remember when using Grip On is that they should be washed regularly or as needed in hot water with a mild antibacterial soap. This will sanitize and remove all hand lotion or natural hand oil residue that can build up, to help insure a secure grip. It just takes a minute before, if you are getting ready to workout, or after, for your next workout. Frequency depends on how much hand lotion you may use or how much natural oil your hands produce.

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