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IFBB Men’s Physique Division is Here To Stay

12 Shows Dot the 2013 Events Calendar, Including the Olympia

When the IFBB began awarding pro cards to the individual class winners in the Men’s Physique Division of the NPC national level contests, the hardliners scoffed at the notion of slim and cut guys wearing knee-length board shorts sharing the stage with the likes of Branch Warren and Phil Heath. But as 2012, commenced, there were a total of 10 shows that included the new category.


To get MPD off the ground, the IFBB chose to place it in one of its more prestigious shows in the New York Pro. The category went over extremely well and we will see 12 pro shows this year, including the aforementioned New York Pro.


But perhaps the biggest test comes this September when MPD will hold its inaugural run during Olympia Weekend. And we may be looking at the growth of the industry’s latest big name in Mark Anthony Wingson, who took home the winner’s check in Manhattan last May and has been gaining popularity since turning pro at the 2011 North Americans.


As a matter of fact, Wingson has never left a pro stage without the coveted first place trophy, also winning the Pro Grand Prix and Europa Show of Champions. He is sponsored by All Max Nutrition and being coached by none other than George Farah.


Here’s the full 2013 MPD calendar:


1 – Pro Grand Prix, April 13 – Culver City, CA


2 – Europa Show of Champions, April 19-20, Orlando, FL


3 – Pittsburgh Pro, May 4 – Pittsburgh, PA

4 – Powerhouse Pro/Am Classic, May 11 – Detroit, MI


5 – NY Pro, May 25 – NY, NY


6 – Greater Gulf States Pro, June 21-22 – New Orleans, LA


7 – PBW Championships, August 9-10 – Tampa, FL


8 – Europa Dallas, August 16-17 – Dallas, TX


9 – Valenti Gold Cup Pro, August 30-31 – Sarasota, FL


10 – Olympia, Sept. 27-28 – Las Vegas, NV


11 – Titans Grand Prix, Oct. 19 – Culver City, CA


12 – Ft. Lauderdale Cup, Oct. 19 – Ft. Lauderdale, FL


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