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Norton 360 Can Boost Windows OS Operations

Although Windows comes with a native internet security platform known as Windows Defender, Norton 360 actually outperforms the program by miles, not only speeding up your PC’s operations, but making all your internet activities more secure and less worrisome as well.


Norton users from as far back as 2008 or earlier may be hesitant to believe this statement, as Norton was once a system and memory hog that did slow down PC operations during daily scans and updates. That’s not longer the case however, thanks to the dynamic architecture of the Norton 360 platform and it’s much more efficient operations overall.


Beginning in 2009 and only improving since, Norton 360 has maintained a highly efficient, quiet, background operation mode that allows users to enjoy all the internet has to offer without ever even knowing their security platform is constantly working to prevent and head off threats. The innovative architecture of the platform provides peace of mind and consistent protection.


Windows Defender on the other hands continues to swallow up system resources, slowing down your PC with every update and still lets too many threats passed. Even with the Windows 8 OS, Windows Defender still doesn’t stand up to the efficient and effective operations and prevention methods of Norton 360.


If you’re interested in learning more about the Norton 360 platform, or if you’re ready to speed up your PC and boost your overall internet and daily operations experiences, you can find the Norton 360 platform data on websites like antivirusbarn, and can additionally purchase your annual subscription from the same providers.


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