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Joe Weider, Father of Bodybuilding, Passes Away at Age 92

The entire bodybuilding industry is feeling the loss of Joe Weider, who passes away quietly at his home at the age of 92. The man known as “The Master Blaster” and “Father of Bodybuilding” has been ill for some time, but it is still hard to believe that he is no longer with us. He is survived by his longtime wife Betty.

The native of Montreal, Canada began printing (via a mimeograph machine) “Your Physique” magazine with his brother Ben out of their parent’s house in August of 1940. The inaugural issue carried a 15 cents cover price with the tag line, ‘National health and physical culture magazine.’ On the contents page, a hand drawn bodybuilder is above the following: ‘Dedicated to the weightlifter, the body-builder, and health culturist.’ The cover model was Barton Horvath.

That title, after a few name changes, ended up becoming “Muscle & Fitness,” which is still going strong today.

Throughout his career, Weider (along with his brother Ben) formed the IFBB and started the Mr. Olympia contest, staples in the industry. He has been well-respected and revered for decades and he will be sorely missed.

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Photo: Joe Weider congratulates Jay Cutler after he reclaimed the crown at the 2009 Mr. Olympia.  (By Francesco Pilarri)

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