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Brandon Curry Takes Advantage of Cedric McMillan’s Absence in Winning Arnold Classic Brazil

We may never know what would have happened, but hypothetically speaking, Cedric McMillan could very well have won the 2013 Arnold Classic Brazil. He appeared to be in great shape and was the favorite heading into the show, but the highly publicized disqualification for being late to the competitor’s meeting made it a moot point.


Looking perhaps his career best, Brandon Curry took home the first place trophy and $35,000 winner’s check with a physique that was impressive even without the graininess. His waist was narrow and his quads were their usual immense shape. Apparently working with George Farah has paid dividends for ‘The Prodigy.’


Being the runner-up has become sort of a regular for Toney Freeman and he was followed by Johnnie Jackson, Ed Nunn and Robert Piotrkowicz. Other notables were Hidetada Yamagishi and Ronny Rockel, who both placed a disappointing eighth and ninth, respectively.


Ryall Vasani won the fitness category and was followed by Regiane Da Silva, Nicole Duncan, Trish Warren, Fionna Harris and Allsion Ethier to round out the top six.


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