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Giants Owner Right in Knocking Jets on Tebow

The fact that the Jets were unable to trade Tim Tebow for anything up until and during the NFL Draft, plus the quarterback languishing without a home since being released, may speak volumes about what the various NFL teams think about his abilities. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t him.


“I feel badly for the guy,” Giants co-owner Steve Tisch said to a TMZ crew that caught up with him recently. “Had another team picked him up after the Broncos, maybe he would have a career. Him going from the Broncos to the Jets was not in anyone’s best interest.”


Because Tebow is such a pious and kind individual, he was unwilling to say anything negative about the way he was treated in his only season playing for Rex Ryan. He kept his mouth shut all year long and had only said brief and positive things then and Tweeted bible quotes since being cut days after the draft – another slap in the face of the Heisman Trophy winner. (This move was made after teams already signed undrafted free agents, making it even harder for him to find an opening elsewhere.)

So he now is having pity taken on him by Tisch, who added, “I think that he’s not a bad guy, a pretty good quarterback and I wish him all the best.”


Any other player but Tebow would have blasted Ryan and the entire Jets organization, which basically ruined the once-promising (yet questionable) career of the former first round draft choice. He was told to bulk up during the 2012 offseason to be more effective on special teams and running out of the wildcat formation, and then was used sparingly in both. After the season concluded, Tebow was told to slim down some and did so, only to watch the team draft Geno Smith in the second round and finally end the misery.


The worst kept secret around the league was that the Jets were going to release Tebow, even before they named John Idzik the new general manager or drafted Smith. So why they once again yo-yoed the poor guy is frustrating at best and cruel at worst.


At least Tisch was honest enough to say the truth. More than anyone associated with the Jets has done regarding Tebow since the day they acquired him.

 Photo by Bill Menzel

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