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CrossFit Games Proves Latest Craze Is Here To Stay

If you happen to be in Carson, California last week and attended the 2013 Reebok CrossFit Games, then there is no need to waste any effort trying to convince you what you already know – the latest fitness craze is here to stay and by no way a passing fad. The crowds gathered at both the soccer and tennis stadiums that make up the Stub Hub Center were loud, raucous and in incredible shape themselves.

You see, the fans are not the couch potato type that attends, let’s say, a baseball or football game. No beer bellies present here. The men and women all look as if they could hop over the fence and join right in at any of the multiple events. A six-pack sighting was a regular occurrence- on both men and women!

That’s refreshing to see for a change. It was certainly ‘sun’s out; guns out’ weather and the body beautiful was all around you.

As far as the events go, the hundreds of competitors in men and women individual, as well as teams, were widdled down to the finals on Sunday. Rich Froning, Jr. won his third straight championship and Samantha Briggs her first. It goes without saying that they are in fact the undisputed fittest man and woman on Earth.

Photo: CrossFit, Inc. 

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