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PBW Tampa Pro Preview: WIll It Be Centopani, Morel, Beyeke or Wilmore?

With the Olympia qualification rules being redefined within the last two years, each IFBB contest has become more and more important. This is magnified for the pros who choose to compete in only one or two shows a year, making the automatic bid for a win the route that many bodybuilders have chosen to take. So as we creep closer and closer to the Mr. Olympia, the line-ups at each show grows.

We will see 32 bodybuilders take the stage this weekend at the PBW Tampa Pro, with four names jumping off the page as the main contenders for the top spot. Evan Centopani, Juan Morel, Lionel Beyeke and Bill Wilmore are all capable of winning and it will be a battle that can go in many different directions. Each of them have tasted victory at the professional level and it all depends on conditioning when the lights are on.

Women’s bodybuilding has been appearing at less shows every year, but the ladies will be present in Florida. So a win takes on even more importance when there are less opportunities to do so. The line-up is 30 deep, lending even more credence to both theories.

Men and women’s physique, fitness, figure and bikini round out the rest of the busy schedule.

Here are the full line-up cards:



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