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Centopani Wins PBW Tampa Pro; Morel Runner-Up, Obiad Third

Evan Centopani left the Sunshine State with an Olympia qualification after winning the PBW Tampa Pro and his victory was a close one, indeed. Both Juan Morel and Essa Obiad made the decision tough for the judges and either could have made for a good argument to place higher. Lionel Beyeke placed a very disappointing fifth and once again, conditioning was the issue with him.

Tammy Jones beat out Rita Maria Bello in the women’s bodybuilding, with Tonia Moore, Tina Chandler and Helle Nielson rounding out the top five.

In men’s physique, Tory Woodward placed first, as did Valerie Gangi in the female counterpart of the newest IFBB division. Michelle Blank took the fitness, Mallory Haddleman in figure and Courtney King in bikini.

Centopani made some key improvements in a few of the poses – back double biceps, the most obvious – and may have something to say come September in Las Vegas. Obiad looked to be no worse than the runner-up, but Morel leapfrogged him, much to the chagrin of the crowd.

So now the Europa in Dallas next weekend seems like a definite for the competitors who missed out in Tampa.


  1. Farizki

    August 19, 2015 at 3:27 pm

    September 1, 2012 at 1:52 amHere’s my takeBranch Warren: I have NEVER seen a guy get injured bofere Mr. Olympia, and then get handed a mic DURING the show to babble on about how he’ll be back, etc. The judges love him, the BB world loves him, I think he’s close to the biggest tool in the crowd and I hate the way he lifts (he’ll be in a wheel chair bofere 45), but when he gets on stage these days, he’s that crazy X factor that going to place high or steal the show. I strongly dislike his compact physique, but that opinion is not in the majority.Jay Cutler: He needs time off. He’s no Dorian Yates, he cant win shows with tears.Dennis Wolf: His problems are showing up flat with his oil all out of whack, NOT his lower back and calves (people need to get over this petty issue). He’s THE most aesthetically pleasing form on the stage bar none, and when he’s on, everyone starts getting goofy. He has the making of an absolute superstar, but keeps making routine mistakes. Top 5 need to watch out because if by some slim chance Wolf in on they will look like sh!t standing next to him.Kai Green: He’s got ENORMOUS potential, but cant seem to dial it all in at once. Just like Wolf, if he by some chance shows up with his A game, the entire top five gets a wake up call.Evan Setraponi: This guy has it. I think he’s further along than most people are ready to admit to themselves and I see him making waves very soon. Why not at Olympia.-I agree Heath takes this, but his threats are very real, are part of what makes Phil so driven. I like your site, but I felt you were writing guys off like nobody should even bother showing up to take on Phil. Reply

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