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Olympia Qualification Points Coming Down To Wire

With only two shows left to qualify for the Olympia, competitors in all of the IFBB divisions will need to be on top of their respective games if they hope to make more than gambling plans for a September Las Vegas trip. This Saturday’s Europa SuperShow in Dallas and the Nordic Pro Championships on August 31 are the last contests that include bodybuilding, so the points system will come into play even more.

The top five in the points standings will join the competitors who have previously qualified, and all of them will be gunning for two-time reigning champion Phil Heath. Last year’s runner-up Kai Greene, Shawn Rhoden, Jay Cutler and Mamoduh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay are the names being bantered about as having the best chance to beat him. It will take extraordinary conditioning and size to accomplish that.

The following have already qualified for the O in men’s open bodybuilding:

Centopani, Evan USA
Curry, Brandon USA
Cutler, Jay USA
Elssbiay, Mamdouh Egypt
Greene, Kai USA
Heath, Phil USA
Jackson, Dexter USA
Martinez, Victor Dominican Republic
McMillan, Cedric USA
Piotrkowicz, Robert Poland
Rhoden, Shawn USA
Warren, Branch USA
Winklaar, Roelly Curacao
Wolf, Dennis Germany

And here are the current points standings:

Placing Name Country Points
1 Freeman, Toney USA 30
2 Jackson, Johnnie USA 20
3 Pakulski, Ben Canada 11
4 Nunn, Ed USA 9
5 Morel, Juan USA 8
6 Delarosa, Jonathan USA 6
7 Yamagishi, Hidetada Japan 5
7 Kefalianos, Michael Australia 5
7 Beyeke, Lionel France 5
7 Obaid, Essa UAE 5
11 Abbaspour, Baito Iran 4
11 Abiad, Fouad Canada 4
13 Willmore, Bill USA 3
13 Bannout, Moe Lebanon 3
15 Rockel, Ronny Germany 2
15 DeVis, Clarence Belgium 2
15 McGrath, Frank Canada 2
18 Sadek, Ivan Australia 1
18 Smalls, Fred USA 1
18 Toth, Daniel Hungary 1

In the 212 Olympia Showdown, Flex Lewis is looking to make it two in a row and this category has become the one with the best rivalries. Former winners Kevin English and David Henry have had a long history going at it, with Jose Raymond and Sami Al Haddad also in the big picture.

Here are the men who have already punched their ticket:

Name Country
Al Haddad, Sami Bahrain
Alves, Troy USA
Auguste, Al Haiti
Masoom-Butt, Muhammad Pakistan
Carrasco Jimenez, Raul Spain
Cisternino, Guy USA
Correa Da Silva, Eduardo Brazil
Dugdale, Mark USA
Henry, David USA
Jackson, Tricky USA
Lewis, James “Flex” Swansea, Wales
Raymond, Jose USA 

And the current standings:

Placing Name Country Points
1 Al Haddad, Sami Bahrain 13
2 Dugdale, Mark USA 8
2 Cisternino, Guy USA 8
4 Carrasco Jimenez, Raul Spain 7
5 Masoom-Butt, Muhammad Pakistan 6
6 Rivera, Marco USA 5
7 Osladil, Lukas Czech Republic 3
7 Clark, Aaron USA 3
7 Ojex, Bola Nigeria 3
10 Bonac, William Netherlands 2
10 Benagli, Thomas Italy 2
10 Edwards, Mboya Canada 2
10 Arde, Charles Ray USA 2
14 Almohsinawi, Khalid Netherlands 1
14 Holloway, Jr., Milton USA 1
14 Farnsworth, Derik USA 1

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