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IFBB St. Louis Pro/NPC Midwest Preview – Bikini Olympia Standings

28 bikini competitors will take the stage at the IFBB St. Louis Pro on Saturday, August 24 in search for a win and an automatic Olympia qualification. 18 women have already punched their ticket for Las Vegas and some of the names dotting the list of the standings will be battling it out in Missouri. With the top five in points also qualifying and the shows dwindling to a precious few left, each and every placement becomes paramount.

On the amateur circuit, there will also be men and women’s bodybuilding, men and women’s physique, bikini, figure and fitness taking place as part of the NPC Midwest.

Here are the official line-up cards for the IFBB portion:

Here are the Olympia standings for bikini:

Bikini Olympia

2013 Bikini Olympia Qualified

Name Country
Alexander, Stacey
Andrews, Jennifer
Assria, Narmin
Baird, Jaime
Brannan, Michelle
United Kingdom
Conroy, Candice
Dahlgren, Dianna
Kaltwasser, Ashley
King, Courtney
Krasova, Vladimira
Czech Republic
Latona, Amanda
LeBlanc, Ashley
Melo, Nathalia
Moss, Pollianna
Munro, Justine
Nagrani, Nicole
Paulino, India
Robles, Yeshaira

Bikini Point Standings

Placing Name Country Points
1 DeLuca, Lacey USA 13
2 Olah, Noemi Hungary 11
3 Arevalo, Jessica USA 10
3 Amurao, Gigi USA 10
3 Eubanks, Tawna USA 10
6 Boydston, Tiffany USA 9
6 Veneno, Aly USA 9
8 Paxson, Jessica USA 8
8 Marquez, Christie USA 8
10 Moneer, Nicole USA 7
11 Gonzalez, Yarelis Cuba 6
12 Allen, Amy USA 5
13 Greene, Crystal USA 4
13 Virmajoki, Anna Finland 4
13 Weiterova, Nikola Slovakia 4
13 Waters, Lindsey USA 4
13 Dawn, Jennifer USA 4
13 Silva, Carolina USA 4
19 Canc, Tanja Slovenia 3
19 Matthews, Crystal Rose USA 3
19 Alexander, Noy USA 3
19 Pendergrast, Jessica New Zealand 3
19 Renee, Jessica USA 3
19 Hamilton, Liana USA 3
19 Mahoe, Stephanie USA 3
26 Crosby, Gemmalyn Phillippines 2
26 Tacy, Brittany USA 2
26 McKinnon, Jade New Zealand 2
26 Witbeck, Nicole USA 2
26 Bouchard, Maura USA 2
26 Mur, Nathalie France 2
26 LeBlanc, Sarah USA 2
33 Berry, Bianca USA 1
33 Scott, Nicole United Kingdom 1
33 Harris, Rhiannon Australia 1
33 Matheny, Taylor USA 1
33 Wright, Amy Australia 1
33 Annunziata, Maria USA 1
33 Skeels, Angela USA 1

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