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Last Chance For Beyeke – Nordic Pro Preview

Lionel Beyeke has had a number of chances to win a show this calendar year and punch his ticket for the Olympia. He has come close a few times, but all that has done is amass his point total for a potential top-five in the standings for the bid. So it behooves him to leave Finland with the winner’s check and make it a slam dunk in the process. The line-up is not deep at all and the Frenchman should be able to defeat the rest of the field.

Even if Beyeke does win, it will be very difficult for him to maintain his conditioning for another three and a half weeks until the O. He has competed a lot in 2013 and that is not always conducive for peaking in September, even for someone with such full muscle bellies like Beyeke.

Here is the line-up card:



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