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Grip On – Because No One Likes Calluses

No one likes getting calluses, even the guy who feels he is the alpha male of the entire gym. So there are a few different options out there to take some type of preventive measure. You can wear a pair of those fingerless gloves and hope that they match the rest of your 90s attire. (They go great with mullets and boat-neck sweatshirts!)

Straps can cut into your skin just as bad or worse than the naked bar. Some real old school guys just hold on to small sponges, but that can get a little odd and not the most sanitary way, either.

Just when you thought that you were out of good options, the guys over at Health and Fitness Accessories, LLC came up with an idea that is just what you’ve been waiting for. GRIP ON takes the gloves out of the equation – finally – and allows the user to get the right fit and feel on any exercise equipment.

Men’s Health Magazine reported a Japanese study found that staph bacteria bind strongly to polyester, which is used in many weight lifting gloves. That bacterium includes MRSA bacteria, which lurk wherever gym people gather. MRSA bacteria can also grow in moist warm areas of any type of weight lifting gloves. You grab the bar, wipe your eyes, nose or mouth and the bacteria are in. Gloves sometimes get stiff after you wash a few times and even sometimes shrink. Grip On, the glove alternative, is your answer. Unlike gloves, wraps and straps, Grip On can and should be washed as often as possible, to sanitize, and remove any hand lotion residue or natural oils your hands can produce

There are always those last few reps, especially with a straight or EZ curl bar, dumbbells, rope, lat and shoulder pull down that on that heavy set is where you find yourself losing your grip and the weight starts to slip. So you have to cut that set short and those last few and hardest reps – the ones that make you grow – are not being performed. But once you slide on a pair of GRIP ON, you’ll be blowing out those 12th, 13th and 14th reps on a regular basis.

For carrying, from equipment, to equipment and storing in your gym bag, just interlock together.

Check out these features:

*Isolates muscles for an optimum workout

*Reduces stress to the hands and wrist

*Increases lifting potential

*Prevents soreness

*Provides hygienic workout

*Eliminates the need for chalk

*Easy to slip on/interchangeable in seconds

*Helps prevents blisters and calluses

*Provides firm controlled non-slip grip

*Can be used on Pilate’s equipment and accessories

*Can be used with or without gloves (in case you just can’t let go)

*Increases grip traction on padded handles, ropes, etc.

*One size fits all

*Comes in black, hot pink, arctic camo. forest camo, rainbow speckle and special edition American camo

Please review the media and testimonial pages on their site,

Please also use exclusive coupon code MSMAG for 20% off $19.95 retail price.

Zack and I were given the opportunity to try out Grip Ons which are an amazing “rubber type” of gym gear that helps cushion your hands on barbells, dumbbells, cable attachments, ropes, and more. Many people seem to use gloves in the gym which are great, but I find that my hands sweat and gloves often times will pinch my hands while doing certain workouts. When Larry from Grip On introduced me to his product, I will admit I was a little skeptical at first. But, as soon as I received my first pair in the mail, I opened up my box and instantly put them to use. To my surprise, I fell in love with them! Why have I not been using these all along?! They fit on anything and everything I put them over. They really help cushion my hands for pullups, back workouts, and more. I definitely like to lift heavy and after using my Grip On’s I noticed a huge improvement in my last few reps. These really and truly work amazing!! And now I have 2 pairs in my gym bag and I’ve shared countless others with family and friends. I haven’t come across one person yet, that hasn’t liked them.

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