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Mr. Olympia Qualification List, Points Standings

With the Nordic Pro in the books, the final list of competitors who have qualified for the Mr. Olympia later this month is set. 16 names are in and depending on if they will go or not still remains to be seen. Two-time reigning champion Phil Heath will surely be in Las Vegas and he remains the favorite to keep the Sandow in his possession. He will be up against what some have called the deepest Olympia line-up of all time, with former winners Jay Cutler and Dexter Jackson looking for an upset in their 40s and 2012 runner-up Kai Greene and rookie sensation Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay also on his heels.

Here are the names who have already punched their ticket:


Phil Heath, USA

Kai Greene, USA

Shawn Rhoden, USA

Dexter Jackson, USA

Branch Warren, USA

Dennis Wolf, Germany

Cedric McMillan, USA

Brandon Curry, USA

Robert Piotrkowicz, Poland

Mamdouh Elssbiay, Kuwait

Victor Martinez, Dominican Republic

Roelly Winklaar, Curacao

Evan Centopani, USA

Steve Kuclo, USA

Baitollah Abbaspour, Iran

Jay Cutler, USA

And here are the points standings, with the top five getting a ‘wild card’ spot, so to speak:

1. Toney Freeman, USA, 30
2. Johnnie Jackson, USA, 20
3. Lionel Beyeke, France, 12
4. Ben Pakulski, Canada, 11
5. Ed Nunn, USA, 9
5. Essa Obaid, UAE, 9
7. Juan Morel, USA, 8
8. Jonathan Delarosa, USA, 6
9. Hidetada Yamagishi, Japan, 5
9. Michael Kefalianos, Australia, 5
9. Mohammed Bannout, Lebanon, 5
12. Fouad Abiad, Canada, 4
13. Bill Wilmore, USA, 3
13. Aliaksei Shabunia, Russia, 3
15. Ronny Rockel, Germany, 2
15. Clarence DeVis, Belgium, 2
15. Frank McGrath, Canada, 2
15. Alexey Lesukov, Russia, 2
19. Ivan Sakek, Australia, 1
19. Fred Smalls, USA, 1
19. Daniel Toth, Hungary, 1
19. Justin Compton, USA, 1
19. Cory Mathews, USA, 1
19. Emiliano Dell’uomo, Italy, 1

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