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Tim Tebow & the AFL’s LA KISS – A Perfect Match

Considering that his options are little to none, Tim Tebow should give his latest contract offer a good and hard thought before dismissing it like the last few. Sure, the former NFL quarterback wants to continue his career and not switch positions, but he may have to give another league some thought to showcase what he considers are still enough talents to play the most important position in sports.

So when the brand new LA KISS of the Arena Football League extended a public offer to the southpaw, this may be the perfect opportunity to ply his trade. Not convinced? Here’s a few reasons:

*He would immediately become the face of the expansion franchise, even more than the ownership group that includes Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley. 

*They will be playing in a major market. 

*The Arena Football League is known as a throwing league and he will get the opportunity to improve his accuracy and get some real live action game film for the NFL scouts. 

*The smaller playing field will make the above a lot easier than the longer and wider gridiron in the Canadian Football League, another possible option for Tebow. 


The latter should be an obvious reason, especially when Simmons said in a press release that the contract offer was for three years and “unspecified million” of dollars. His jersey would be an immediate best seller, not just in amongst AFL fans, but in the mainstream, as well. So that will make the contract offer even more sweet with a percentage clause and/or royalty fees.

This team will receive a lot attention just because of who their owners are and the sure-to-be exciting arena experience that awaits. So if Tebow was going to even contemplate the AFL, this would be the place to go.

Photo by Bill Menzel

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