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Inaugural Men’s Physique Olympia Showdown Preview

No one can deny the growth and popularity of the men’s physique division of late and if anyone did, then having it represented at Olympia weekend certainly answers any questions. With the MPD and the WPD making their inaugural appearance at the industry’s largest stage, it appears that an alternative to the larger bodybuilding physiques – and the critics who claimed that the mass has gone overboard – is here to stay.

16 competitors have qualified by winning a show this year, as well as the top five in the standings who have not, to make this a deep and interesting line-up once the official cards are released.

Name Country
Acton, Matthew USA
Anderson, Michael USA
Anderson, Tyler USA
Antipov, Anton USA
Buendia, Jeremy USA
Carneiro, Alexandre USA
Christianer, Matt USA
Cook, Stephen USA
Hadzovic, Sadik USA
Mass, Stephen USA
Nguyen, John USA
Poston, Jason USA
Seid, Jeff USA
Sullivan, William USA
Wingson, Mark Anthony USA
Woodward, Tory USA 


Placing Name Country Points
1 Anderson, Tyler USA 12
1 Sullivan, William USA 12
3 Carneiro, Alexandre USA 11
3 Poston, Jason USA 11
5 Mass, Stephen USA 10
6 Capurso, Craig USA 5
6 Fiore, Vincent USA 5
8 Mousharbash, Steve USA 4
9 Fazzolari, Dean USA 3
10 LeBlanc, Jr., Keenon USA 2
10 Herskovitz, David USA 2
10 Murray, Capriese USA 2
13 Hause, Sheridan USA 1
13 Jean, Julian USA 1

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