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Iris Kyle Wins 9th Ms. Olympia Title, Breaks Lenda Murray’s Record

With all of the talk about the potential phasing out of women’s bodybuilding, Iris Kyle has quietly gone about her business of merely dominating the category more than any of her predecessors. She made it official on Friday evening in Las Vegas by being named Ms. Olympia for the ninth time in her career, breaking Lenda Murray’s record in the process.

The opportunities to merely compete in women’s bodybuilding have become less and less and with the elimination of the Ms. International competition, prestigious awards are down to the Olympia.

Alina Popa has been rising the past few years and finished second, with Debi Laszewski placing third. Yaxeni Oriquen-Garcia, the longtime rival of Kyle and her perennial runner-up, dropped to fourth.

Here is the final scorecard:


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