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NFL Concussions Still An Issue With New Rules

The National Football League is trying to cut down on concussions and they did implement some newer rules to do even more. The kickoff was moved up to the 35-yard line, resulting in frequent touchbacks. Any helmet-to-helmet contact is flagged and fined and this past offseason, runners were not allowed to lower their helmets.

Last season, there were 160 reported concussions league-wide and so far through four weeks, there have been 36. A slight reduction percentage if that holds through the remaining three-quarters of the regular season, but very close.

Because the NFL is so popular and the violence is a major part of that, it has become accepted that there will be players injured above the neck. Part of that popularity comes from the gambling aspect and every day, there are new people learning how to bet on sports, specifically football. Millions of dollars are at stake each and every Sunday with these worldwide sports betting systems and the bigger and stronger the players become, the harder the hits are delivered.

It’s interesting to see the breakdown by position just which players are more at risk for concussions. On the offensive side of the ball. wide receivers lead the way with nine. Offensive tackles are next with three and tight ends, quarterbacks and running backs all have only one each. On defense, cornerbacks seem to be taking the same beating that they give out to the receivers with eight concussions. Defensive ends have five, with safeties four and linebackers three. Defensive tackles have one.

So it appears that the most dangerous part of the gridiron is the outside with wideouts, cornerbacks and safeties.

Photo by William J. Hauser

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