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R.I.P. Dan Lurie – Bodybuilding Legend Passes Away at 90

A bodybuilding industry legend and good friend of MuscleSport Magazine has left us with the passing of Dan Lurie at the age of 90. The long-time bodybuilder, magazine publisher and contest promoter was a guest on MuscleSport Radio in April of 2009 and our media outlet was also an official sponsor of the last show that Lurie held, the 2009 Mr. and Mrs. Jones Beach USA.

Born on April 1, 1923 in Brooklyn, New York, Lurie placed second in three consecutive AAU Mr. America contests in 1942, 1943 and 1944 – each time winning the Most Muscular Award. During the 1950s, he became a staple on television as Sealtest Dan The Muscle Man on a variety show sponsored by the ice cream company.

He formed his own federation entitled the World Bodybuilding Guild in 1965 and that same year, Lurie launched Muscle Training Illustrated magazine to profile his WBBG bodybuilding superstars, which included former Mr. Olympia Sergio Oliva and other big names such as Harold Poole, Boyer Coe, Tony Pearson and Serge Nubret. Lurie also opened a number of gyms and had his own line of exercise equipment and weights. (Who hasn’t put a 45-pound plate on an Olympic bar that had ‘Lurie’ stamped into it?)

In September of 2011, Lurie had a health scare and those of us lucky enough to know him and be on his mailing list were surprised but relieved when he sent out an e-mail detailing what happened and that he had fully recovered.

Always a family man, Lurie could be seen seated right next to his wife, children and grandchildren at any of the events he was present at. He will certainly be missed.

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