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Many professional athletes – more specifically, baseball players – continuously hear criticism when their production increases as they enter their mid-to-late 30s. The so-called ‘experts’ writing columns in the sports section of the various newspapers all around the country begin dropping hints that something may be amiss and the dreaded ‘performance-enhancing drugs’ term is thrown around loosely.

But the odd thing is that if these players (and journalists, too, for that matter) went to the doctor and had a blood test, the likelihood that their testosterone levels would have been low and they would be candidates for Testosterone Replacement Therapy.

Before you ask what that is, pay attention to the commercials the next time a sporting event is on television. “Is it Low T?” is not a reference to talent or tenaciousness, but rather your body’s natural testosterone levels. Even the best of us age and there are certain things that come with that. One of them for men is that their bodies produce less and less testosterone as the birthday candles start to crowd the cake – usually between 35 and 40.

Your doctor can prescribe testosterone and it can be administered in a number of ways, the most common methods being injections or topical gel (AndroGel is one of the most popular brands). There are plusses and minuses associated with both, so this is where personal preference and doctor’s opinions come into play.


The injections are more potent, so either weekly or bi-weekly shots are the norm. Before you start to cringe, the needle goes into your butt cheek (even the most squeamish can handle that). The gel is applied to a body part (usually the upper body) once a day, but you have to be careful that it doesn’t rub off on anyone else in your household.

Popular belief is that Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens began using PEDs in their mid-to-late 30s or 40s – the same demographic that the medicine industry is making millions on and is covered by insurance.

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