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Bodybuilding Begins in the Mind

By  Cara Trentadue – This year has plagued the bodybuilding community with premature loss of bright and promising talent.  One person in particular whose controversial attitude and life has driven you to love him or hate him but in the end his message was clear.  He was hoping for a second chance to right the wrongs he committed against his body that at the time he began never thought his life would end over it.  His organs couldn’t withstand the havoc that was cast upon it.  The whole prim ace of making his body strong and musclebound was traded for the strength to keep him alive and healthy. Throughout this nightmare he still stayed positive for his devout fans  and continued to send out positive energy to the people who knew him. From the gloom of his hospital bed, when I don’t know if I could have even brought myself to smile there he was giving a thumbs up talking about much he wanted to live.  That attitude takes a strength that few possess.

His name was Derek Anthony.   An admitted synthol user, and user of many other anabolic chemicals to obtain the physique he craved, he spoke freely on his radio show and fought back against his adversaries never casting doubt on his own abilities.  He never passed up a question from a fan or  a “hater” and looked to help young people enjoy the benefits of bodybuilding while avoiding the hard lessons he learned.  This man understood later in his life the meaning of mindset.  Unfortunately he was dealt a very unlucky hand because if his mind could have known to battle the double dose of meds meant to save him. I believe he would be here today.

What drove this young talent to continue to load his body and tax his organs to the point of no return? I believe Derek was still searching for that answer to the day he died and he was closer than a lot of people to getting his answers. The desire to “get big” and the way a bodybuilder sees his body is a  “mindfuck” of epic proportions and even the strongest minds fall prey.  I doubt there is a bodybuilder reading this that doesn’t agree regardless if he or she will admit it. NO matter how much people tell you how big you are or great you look its never enough, there is always room to improve!!! See that’s a good idea that go awry very easily and under the radar, and can kill you if you don’t build your mind as much as your body.

What was evident and clear however was the love Derek Anthony had for his friends and family and that love isn’t something that stays in one place.  Derek Anthony loved life and wasn’t afraid to push the envelope to squeeze every experience out of life, even if that same desire cut his life short.  This article will hopefully raise the question to other aspiring bodybuilders.  How far are you willing to go for a rounded out bicep.  And will the mind be able to see when a rounded out bicep becomes a distorted freakish embarrassment of your inner demons manifested by your actions?  I know it sounds harsh, but lets strip the truth here.  Willingness to push the envelope is one thing but what direction you go can dictate life or death, or turn a legacy of strength and mind strength into tragedy and needless addiction.  It’s a fine line my friends.

Steroids are a reality. What a lot of people outside of bodybuilding world is that steroids are hormones ( synthetic or natural ) that we already produce in our bodies, and based on my research I am of the opinion that if used properly and responsibly can positively change a life for the better not only for aesthetics but for overall health, especially in men suffering from low testosterone levels.  Most men are astonished how testosterone supplementation can give them their life back.


Testosterone is the key to vitality and strength there is no doubt about that however like anything else, tip that in the wrong way just slightly and it becomes a mans’ downfall it could even lead to his death.  Especially when used by a 20 something aspiring Mr. Olympia with very little knowledge about anatomy or endocrinology and that’s where the problems begin, I mean lets face it no body wants a science lesson they wanna be 200lbs in a month!!  Hormones also affect and regulate mood and overall mental wellness so there is a switch in the mind of the user that will exaggerate any predisposing insecurity chemical imbalance ( roid rage ) so while supplementation isn’t a bad thing per say, jumping into a sea of supplements without the necessary balance needed is like playing Russian roulette for what in truth could be attained by working out a little bit harder and getting the muscle fibers to tear by doing more reps. And of course by maintaining a clean diet.  I have a serious problem with a lot of these “pros” who post up their million dollar meals off the dollar menu.  It enrages me because it is setting the wrong standard in this already misunderstood sport, that yes I’ll eat this big mac because “I have genetics that will turn this fat laden garbage directly into muscle “ BULLSHIT, the truth is that’s going straight to your liver to sit on everything else you throw into your body and making you a ticking time bomb waiting to explode.  Ever wonder why a bodybuilder will come out with acne all over his back?  It’s the first warning sign by your liver to clean up your house because the toxins are “breaking out”

There is a brilliant man who said it best “ I will never be a weightlifter” that man through self discipline and repetition of daily  MONOTONOUS activities understands that bodybuilding is a mind body connection and effort.  His name is Kai Greene. He has worked his way out of having nothing to 2nd place in the Olympia.  There is never a magic shot, pill or shake that is going to get you the mindset that creates a physique like that.


As I walk the floor of my gym I hear constant snippets of desire, “ bro I wanna be 205 then start shredding down” or “I’m 185 now I need to get up to 220 so I can start really hitting it hard in the gym” WHATTTTTT??  It takes everything in me to put my head down and hoodie on and not just shake the truth into them. He starts to believe that more is better, he or she isn’t big enough, a lot of aspiring athletes do not put half the work in the gym required to maintain their current body weight never mind adding pounds through artificial means. These are the first to gather in the parking lot to buy a bottle of what they are told is something that will get them BIG……..   Why is a person willing to inject an oil into his arm but fails to give close to 50% effort when doing biceps curls in the gym?  They get a pump and that’s enough.  The mentality needs to be reversed.  Kill it in the gym is an overused term that I rarely if ever see a “bodybuilder” giving 100%.  They will however rack the machine with more weight then they should ever lift causing even more inflammation and toxins the body must remove, do it for 3 reps yell and screams and slam the weights down.  Is this the future of bodybuilding??  Rarely will I see a guy with notebook , methodically tracking his progress with moderate weight and long enough reps and sets to create the muscle tears needed for growth.


Bodybuilding….. true and real bodybuilding begins in the mind………..your body will not do what you want it to do without the cooperation of the mind, even if you have an arsenal of steroids in your protocol. That is the first lesson any coach worth their salt should begin someone on this journey. Next disciplining the mind to eat properly to fuel the body, not calories………even if you eat 3500 calories and supplement with hormones your body will not convert it to muscle size……..breaking down muscle creates size, you can only do that by getting in the gym STOP TALKING and do ten sets like they did in the old days.  Arnold used to do 5 exercises 10 sets each and last one was always to failure!!!! That’s truth.  Gregg Valentino another veteran of life lessons learned the hard way, will tell you the benefits of  volume training, but only if he thinks your serious enough to really wanna hear it.


My message is to the young kids thinking about starting a career in bodybuilding.  You must start in the mind and make sure you are willing to commit to the work and effort this will require on a daily basis.  I hope you say yes.  However keep in mind that supplementation with hormones should be something that you consider after you have perfected your physique naturally and understand your body completely, liver enzymes, your natural hormone levels and their fluctuations.  This is a delicate balance and should be taken very seriously.  You only get one shot to protect your liver and kidneys, you don’t get to comeback from kidney failure so I implore you and I think Derek Anthony would agree with me when I tell you the biggest muscle you can ever have isn’t a muscle at all it is your MIND…….


Rest in Peace

Derek Anthony

 Photo: Derek Anthony Facebook page

My name is Cara ( and I have been studying nutrition  and practicing an alternative healthy lifestyle for over 20 years.  After learning how the body has the innate ability to heal itself in most cases proving you give it what it needs to do so I wanted to share this knowledge with the world.

I studied Nutrition and Weight Management Counseling at American Fitness Professionals and Associates and I am always pursuing new knowledge about healing the body and prevention of disease.   With over 20 years of practice behind me there is no argument that prevention is the easiest way to avoid sicknesses like type 2 diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.  I do not advocate “diets” I teach lifestyle change.  The children of America in this generation are said to be the only generation whose parents will outlive them.  Diet and lifestyle play a major role in this trend.  We need to turn it around.

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