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It’s More Than Just Lifting Weights

A Personal Trainer’s Agenda SHould Be An Entire Personal Program

By Matthew Sgro

Recognizing the connection between body, mind and spirit is important in the quest for optimum health. All must be in harmony and balance to be at one’s best. As a personal trainer I do my best to help my clients in every way. Creating a healthy existence starts with an effective workout program, continues with solid nutrition and carries on thru with a good understanding of one’s self and what makes you happy.

I do my best to set a good example to the people around me by living a healthy lifestyle and trying to do what’s right whenever I can. We’re all far from perfect. I think acceptance and tolerance of people’s weaknesses and shortcoming and helping them work thru and overcome them is what you should be doing in all parts of your life, not just personal training. Judging and putting people down isn’t the job of a personal trainer, or even a good person for that matter.

Staying abreast of the newest fitness trends and finding as well as surrounding myself with people in the industry who strive for excellence helps me tremendously. Nothing worth doing is easy.

As far as training goes, my program is no cake walk. I cater the workouts to the individual’s fitness level and abilities and push them as hard as they can safely go, thus yielding maximum results.

Surrounding myself with the best in the industry, setting a good example, constantly working to improve my technical skills, and pushing people to their limits allows me to say that I am good at what I do. I help people improve themselves. This I feel is what being a Professional Personal Trainer is all about. This is why I do what I do and why I absolutely love it.


Matthew Sgro, in addition to being a MuscleSport Mag staff writer, is the President and Founder of Elite Personal Training Studios, Inc. and Boot Camps with a Purpose, Inc., located in Exton, PA. For details, visit

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