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Loaded Line-Up in the Arnold Classic 212

The inaugural Arnold Classic 212 has the potential to be one of the most memorable battles in the history of the category. Rivalries that have been forged in recent memory will continue in Columbus on February 28, as James “Flex” Lewis – the favorite and reigning 212 Olympia champion – looks to add to his hardware collection.

Standing in his way will be 11 competitors vying for of course a win, but also a high placing to earn them an automatic Olympia bid. Jose Raymond and David Henry are capable of knocking off Lewis and it would be an upset if any of them dropped out of the top three – that’s how solid all have been. But there is a wild card in the field of 12 and that is Hidetada Yamagishi, who has done quite well for himself competing in the open category versus much larger opponents.

Bodybuilding pundits have been saying for a number of years that Yamagishi should drop down a few pounds in weight and see what he can do in the 212 (especially when the limit went up from the original 202 division). He has the density and can really dial it in when not having to worry too much about sheer mass to be able to stand up against the likes of a Branch Warren or Dennis Wolf.


Here is the full roster:

Aaron Clark
Charles Dixon
David Henry
Richard “Tricky” Jackson
James “Flex” Lewis
Stan McQuay
Lukas Osladil
Jose Raymond
Marco Rivera
Angel Rangel Vargas
Quincy Winklaar
Hidetada Yamagishi



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