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Body Glove Surge All Natural Energy Shot

The company name Body Glove should conjure up thoughts of sun, surfing and the beach. The wetsuit and clothing line did what it sounded like – fit your body like a glove. And while they still put out a great quality line those products, they also have a brand new energy drink that kicks ass, too.

Body Glove All Natural Energy Shot is different from the droves of other energy drinks, especially 5-hour Energy, in that it doesn’t contain a combination of caffeine and other potentially harmful chemicals and gives you what you need through a proprietary combination of green tea, protein, coconut water, natural energy-rich carbohydrates and powerful antioxidants from fruits and berries.

So it is an easy numbers game when you consider that Body Glove Surge contains a mere 140mg of caffeine and is more effective then 5-hour Energy, which contains 30-percent more caffeine. A big reason is the protein included, which plays an important role in reducing mind and muscle fatigue, especially when combined with natural energy-rich carbs.

Some of their sponsored athletes are Jake Ellenberger (UFC), Leanda Cave (2012 Ironman World Champion), Aaron Ross (2011 World Rider of the Year) and Jeff Galloway (Olympian and Leading Marathon Training Coach).

Body Glove Surge comes in two flavors – Grape ($13.99 for a six-pack and $27.99 for a 12-pack) and Tropical Berry (same prices).

Purchase yours today! 

For more information, please visit their official website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Vine pages.

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