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Iron Girl Ring By Fun Fitness

Men are always asking themselves the same question – what do we buy our girlfriend/wife for that special occasion? Candy? Flowers? Lingerie? OK, lingerie is a good idea that works both ways but the best choice is and always will be jewelry. It will have the same end result as the lingerie if you pick out the right kind. But there are only so many necklaces and earrings that you can buy for her, so make the right call the next time around with the Iron Girl Ring by Fun Fitness.


Made of 5.5 grams of 100-percent solid sterling silver, this is the ultimate ring for women that work out – or love a man that does. The design is lasered on and has a hot pink cubic zirconia in the center or a cubic zirconia in her birthstone colour.


So save the Whitman’s Sampler for the wimps and get her an Iron Girl Ring today. Just state her ring size and send along with a check or money order for $119 (includes free shipping and handling) to:


Fun Fitness

23 Carrick Avenue

Keswick, Ontario


L4P 3R4


(905) 460-1897



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