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New Testosterone Scare a Bunch Of Bullshit

Just like those scary news teasers that keep you in doubt only to find out it was merely to keep you around, the scheister lawyers have all scrambled to put out television commercials making testosterone replacement therapy akin to a weapon of mass destruction.


So now anyone who has ever rubbed on some AndroGel (or, God forbid, poked themselves in the ass cheek with a cc of black market test) shitting in their pants, believing that monotone voice saying that they are in line for a heart attack.


Stop right there – we’ll give you a reprieve.

The vast majority of men that do use TRT do so in their 40s, eat a healthy diet and exercise on a regular basis. The fat fuck who sits on his ass isn’t going to be a good candidate, anyway.


So here it is in a nutshell, fellow meatheads: this whole thing was perpetuated as a result of two separate studies conducted. Here are the cliff notes.




A group of approximately 9,000 men with the average age of 60+ with low testosterone underwent tests for blockages in their arteries using dyes and X-rays, which revealed that 80 percent of them had cardiovascular disease.


Now try and follow this – a year and a half later, 1,700 of the men received TRT. The geniuses that conducted the study later determined that this small group was 30 percent more likely to die or suffer a stroke or heart attack than the thousands of guys who didn’t get the test.


OK, so these guys that were already older and in bad health MIGHT kick the bucket or have more health problems than the other old and sick dudes. Yeah.





A group of 55,000 men were examined one year prior and then again 90 days after being presecribed testosterone. Here are the ‘stunning’ results:


*Men 65 and over that did  – and did not – have a history of heart disease doubled their risk of heart attack after using the juice. And the guys who did not go for a refill has a decline in said risk three-to-six months later.


*The younger portion of the group who DID have a previous heart condition doubled or tripled their chances of more ticker trouble.


*How about that less-than-65 portion? You know, the ones that had no heart problems to begin with? Absolutely no risk increase.


So what does this mean at the end of the day? If you are in good health and less than 65 years of age, you will probably be fine if you took some sort of testosterone.


But who are we to say? We didn’t go to medical – or law – school.



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