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Cap Off Your Shoulder Workout With Isolation Exercises

Building up your shoulder muscles can be tricky, for sure, but you can simplify it as long as you look in front and behind you before working them. Before you go back and read that again, here’s the simple translation: what did you train the prior day or two and what’s on the menu tomorrow? Perhaps you can follow us now and formulate an effective deltoid routine with that in mind.


Let’s say that you trained chest 48 hours ago. Those shoulders took a good pounding while you were bench pressing. So before you jump into more compound movements on delt day, think about some isolated exercises that will hit it from a different perspective.

We’re not telling you to forego the Arnold presses, but sandwich them with some strict lateral raises that will give you the shape you long for in the shoulders.


Here are a few examples:


*DUMBBELL SIDE LATERAL RAISES – you can do them standing or seated but the latter is preferred as to cut down on the momentum. And if you do them either way, do not allow the weight to touch your sides at the bottom of each rep. Keep the time under tension going by holding them out an inch or so away from your outer thighs.


*CABLE LATERAL RAISES – (standing) these are good because you can get a longer range of motion by starting out gripping the D-handle behind your back and going up to a 90-degree angle.


*FRONT LATERAL RAISES – you can perform this exercise with either dumbbells or a barbell and if you are doing the former, then you can also mix it up by doing them together or alternating arms. Same advice here as in the side lateral raise – keep the weights off your body for TUT.


You can also do these by holding a plate in front of you or a dumbbell held vertically (like a gold club grip) and this close grip method will hit a different part of your delts.



Photo by Simon Lau

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