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Morel & DeLarosa: Buddies/Rivals Battle at the 2014 IFBB Toronto Pro

There’s nothing wrong with a friendly rivalry. Not every situation has to be reminiscent of the Hatfields and the McCoys – or even the Yankees and Red Sox. Such is the case with Juan Morel and Jon DeLarosa, two New Yorkers who are close friends and – as much as it is not in their control – rivals on the bodybuilding stage. Both are young, talented and fan favorites…the type of competitors that can keep this going for years to come.


The next chapter in this quickly-developing saga will take place on Saturday evening at the 2014 IFBB Toronto Pro, where both men are the early-on favorites to be standing side-by-side after the other 12 competitors have exited stage right. Just who gets the nod there is a toss-up at this point. Here is how close these two have been when competing against each other since turning pro three years ago:

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*2012 New York Pro – Morel (4th), DeLarosa (5th)

*2013 New York Pro – Morel (3rd), DeLarosa (4th)

*2014 Arnold Classic Brazil – Morel (2nd), DeLarosa (3rd)

*2014 New York Pro – Morel (2nd), DeLarosa (3rd)

It doesn’t get any tighter than that and if things h0ld, then Morel should best DeLarosa by one placing again. But anything can happen and if one of them comes in just a little off, then all bets are of and it’s anyone’s show. But these two athletes are known for their conditioning and if you’re looking for one advantage, it’s that Morel has competed in one less show – and not had to diet down – than Delarosa in the calendar year.


An automatic Olympia bid is the prize here and both of them are currently leading in qualification points, any way. But no one wants to hit the Orleans stage without that win under their belt and with that also comes the comfort of having the option to prep even longer for the end of September.


Plus it will be fun for the winner to brag to his buddy that he bested him.


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