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Does Morel’s Toronto Pro Win Propel Him Into Olympia Consideration?

Qualifying for the Mr. Olympia contest is a far cry from being a threat to even make the top-10. But being at the big dance is the only way to see if you can hang with the big boys, right? Juan Morel has been a bodybuilder who has shown consistency, top conditioning and a penchant for improvement each time out. So  – especially now with his win at the 2014 IFBB Toronto Pro – he is certainly on the right track and has what seems to be a bright future in the IFBB. But will he be able to reach his full potential and win a Sandow before it’s all said and done, perhaps even as soon as the next year or two?


Let’s slow it down for a moment, if you will. “Diesel” should definitely get his feet wet come September and not sit out the Olympia like he did two years ago. That was a decision that was understandable, as the rookie had only two pro shows under his belt at the time. But since then, Morel has moved up one placing each year at the prestigious New York Pro and was beat out this year only by the mountain of a man known as Big Ramy. So nothing to hang your head about there.

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So it seems as if Morel would need to jump into the deepest end of the pool sooner or later and compete at the Olympia and Arnold Classic. His career is similar to Shawn Rhoden‘s, who seemed to have it down pact how to keep his conditioning competing in multiple shows in a calendar year until firmly establishing himself as a front runner with a third place finish at the 2012 Olympia. He dropped to fourth last year in Vegas but then took second at the Arnold this past March, setting up a very interesting Olympia battle. But it all began for Rhoden with an 11th place finish at the 2011 Olympia, which gave him the experience to be on the same stage against the very best in the world with zero pressure.


So the same strategy may be one that would springboard Morel in a similar way that it did Rhoden. Get the first big-ass rodeo out of the way and go into it with the attitude that you are playing with house money. Sooner or later, that will turn into a check – from sixth and up.




2014 Toronto Pro – 1st

2014 New York Pro – 2nd

2014 Arnold Classic Brasil – 2nd

2013 PBW Tampa Pro – 2nd

2013 New York Pro – 3rd

2012 Europa Battle of the Champions – 1st

2012 New York Pro – 4th




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